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Monday, December 1, 2008

The day after

Ok so I missed the what I am thankful for blog day. Ooops. No biggie. Let's move on to the day after the gluttony. If one day were all it was then hey, this would be great. Let's face it. I have in-laws staying at the house, people stopping by, a big breakfast followed by a big dinner with a big lunch smack dab in the middle. For 3 days in a row! Let's talk about starting back up with that workout routine. For gosh sakes I pretty much have a gym in my basement that has not been used for about 18 months. Apple pie, blueberry pie, ice cream, gourmet chocolate, yeah they all fit nice and snug right on those love handles. I mentioned to my wife the other day that I still weigh the same, but I just don't feel as great as I used to. Her reply, ' well, honey you have lost a lot of mussle.'. Aww, that's for putting that into perspective your the best! After two days of non stop eating my belly is full.

And after two days of non stop family my brain is mush. It is tough when you have two sets of divorced parents, and one young grandchild. People come in from out of town and stay at the house which in turn means that you can not escape. You seriously have nowhere to hide. You hope to run to the store, return a movie run any errand that you can think of just to get out. To clear your head, to have a moment of PJ time.

At some point you are thrilled that you have 4 days off in a row, but also wish that no one knew you were off. Nothing quite like the holiday crunch. I am making my list and checking it twice.
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Jest said...

There is always good things and bad things about any holiday. Much as I love all the food that comes with the holidays, I'm always left feeling guilty. And, yes. There is a lot of family time. A lot. Just think..less than a month until Christmas, if you celebrate it!!