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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


People will always have something to say about you. Good or bad, people talk. Some people will actually say what they have to say to your face. Others will yip yap behind your back. Bad hair, bad breath, stain on your pants, food in your teath it really doesn't matter just let me know. I will be thankful, and I will be able to. Rectify the situation. If I don't know and you think it is funny than by all means make fun of me and point and laugh.

Hey PJ can I talk to you a second? Sure, what up? Well, it seems your love handles are a bit out of control lately. Hmm, thanks man. I really appreciate you telling me. My pants have felt a little tighter, yet I haven't been very motivated to get my workout on. Thanks for the heads up, it sure is tough not eating that extra cookie around the holidays. Oh, and that extra glass of wine is sometimes harder to avoid. Holiday parties sure will put a few extra lbs on. DYK: the average american gains 10 - 15 lbs from Thanksgiving to NYE. I am on my way. Time to make some pre-new year resolutions.

I also have a meme to do. If someone could explain what that means it would be very helpful! It however is very difficult to get that done while driving to work. I need to put some links in it, yet I have not figured out how to do that from my phone very efficiently. Seeing as though if I am on my computer at home I am in fantasy football mode, championship game this weekend.
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Jest said...

10-15 pounds seems like a lot, in that short amount of time, but between all the social gatherings, holiday baking, holiday drinking, I can see how it's possible.
And YES! You do have a meme to do. What's more important..fantasy football or this? I ask you.... :)

Lora said...

So if I only gain 2 pounds that means that some fat sap has to gain 18-23 pounds? that's awesome! hopefully it is someone I spend time with so they make me look really thin if we stand together