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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Nothing quit like sitting in your car watching the rain melt the snow
away. Another storm is on the horizon and we are in the mix of rain
and sleet right now.

I am waiting for another interview at a potential job that wants to
pay me far less than I deserve, awesomeness!!! You know what really
grinds my gears? Well, I will tell you. I have a resume that has
been sent in via email, I bring a hard copy with me and yet most
companies want me to fill out an application which essentially means
writting all of that information again. This drives me to HULK
proportions of nutso. I want to lose my mind and just ask these
people- are you serious? Really? WTF? Do you have an analyst back
there to go over my writting? Arg. Well, off I go! To rewrite
information that they already have and that I have brought a
professional copy of! Sweeeet!

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Friday, February 19, 2010


When I first heard that Christopher Robin was no longer part of Winnie
the pooh - I went a bit nutso! I figured ok the beans will never see
this new chick anyway. I had to lay the law down and make my feelings
known that if anyone brings in anything with the ' new girl ' it will
be tossed out. I have been able to keep that promise, and yes I
still don't know her name and will never learn it! Old school people,
that is just how i do it.

The beans does not watch much tv, yet daddy does need to shower and
shave. Hence, we have a few acceptable shows that she does watch. One
of them is Mickey mouse fun house. When the heck did the song
change? Wth. The cadence is different the words are different and it
is about to be on the do no watch list!

Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hmm, what to do

I am sitting here at my kitchen table -phone in my watching the beans
play and dance. Not much better than this. I have Minnie ears on and
she only references me as Minnie and she is Mickey. No dad no daddy
just Minnie and when I take the ears off she asks where they are,
hilarious. I need to get back to work although not much is out
there, and the not much is certainly not good pay.

The snow is killing my knees and the weather is not helping me to run
outside. I am stuck in the basement ( dingy basement) on my treadmill
watching episodes of Seinfeld. My speed is up and my distance is up,
yet I am bored out of my mind. The cold and metal in my knees just
don't mix very well, yet I will have to get out there soon. I have
been doing some exercise DVDs that have been amazing for cross
training - this summer I will be mowing the lawn sans shirt!

Life is good!

Oh and I have a friend ( old friend ) who posted a blog on facebook
that I want to read and keep up with, however my blog is secretish. I
am sure it is no big deal, yet sometimes you just like your worlds no
to collide. Or even your worlds 3 times removed not to collide.

Oh and I still haven't figured out the spacing issue sending in posts
from my phone. Obviously.