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Monday, September 29, 2008

Clothing choices, state store, fashion

I had an entire post to write about a trip to the state store (wine store), and something that I saw. Then over the course of the weekend I literally stumbled over another thing to write about.. Thought I should mention the eagles, but won't.. Ok so I am not writting very coherently right now, because my head is pounding. Either I had too much caffeine, too little caffeine, or just not enough water... Man I have lots to talk about today and it is just not coming out correctly... Here we go.........

At the wine store to pick up a bottle for a little house party we were going to be attending. I grab some wine, head to check out, and I don't get carded. Now I am 35, and I was rocking a nice beard at the time, but seriously the sign says you will be carded if you don't look over 35, ugh. Also, the guy working the check out line was wearing a calculator watch circa '88 it was banging and I want one.
Wonder if he has internet on that thing?

The weekend was long and on sunday we were out in the rain making our costco run.. Long and short of it my pants were soaked. After unloading everything I decide to change into some shorts, and what you see in the above picture. Black socks and black sandles! Nice!! Now the theory is, if black on black then maybe ppl won't notice that I am wearing socks and sandles (which even I know shouldn't be done) now I really don't care about the socks and sandles rule. I rock it all the time, yet something just didn't feel right. Why would I be wearing black boots with shorts? Hahaha. In a bit I decided to take the dog for a quick walk and all wifey said was ...... ' Seriously, ' well that was all I needed to hear...

One last thing: uncle G was thru on sunday as well... His iphone is awesome. Now don't get me wrong I am a BB person and love love love my BB, but that iphone is one sexy piece of machinery. Yes I called his phone sexy. Let's hope the BB thunder or whatever it is going to be called is better. I would hate to have to switch cell phone plans just to get an iphone, but that thing is sexy.

Ps: it is hilarious to see a 16 month old beans try to figure out video phone. Nice to see you CA, come home soon.

Pss: my head is still pounding, might have to do with the eagles.

Psss: go phillies...
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Summer lovin had me a blast...

When do you know when summer is over? For me it has nothing to do with the temp or heat index.. If it is dark when I drive to work, then summer is over, period. Oh its 90 out today, so what it was dark this morning. You could still go swimming, so what it was dark out this morning. You are wearing a t-shirt walking around outside, you have flip flops on, your wearing shorts, you are planning a picnic, oh your going to the shore, outside playing frisby, tee time, flowers still blooming -- well, it was effing dark when I drove to work, its not dark early ams in the summer, summer is over... Get the heavy coats, rain slickers, duck boots, moon boots... Hahah it is practically snowing already... A bit extreme I know, but just last week, it was bright out, I swear. And to top it off, hallmark has X-mas stuff out.. No more fall people we just skip it.

If one more person says TGIF I am going to tito santana chop them to the throat- I work saturdays bitches!

700,000,000,000 um that's a lot of zeros.

Is it bad that I can smell my breath when I take a sip of my water, ewww nasty?

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best thing ever, day off, sleepy time

Another wed has come and gone... Back to work! I had a great day at gymboree and visiting friends. Had lunch with mr. D nice (my oldest and bestest bud) under the oak* made a few stops on the way home and had a great day. Yet, nothing will beat what you see in this picture above**. That is one tired out beans, one daddy, one mighty apollo and one bella the kitty. All taking a nappy nap, ok so I wasn't napping, but someone had to take the pic. You pretty much could have offered me anything and I wouldn't have moved. Ice cream, nope. Wii fit bonus points, nope. Cash, nope (well, how much? Everyone has a point). An iphone, nope. New dress shoes (black and brown) nope.....I could go on and on, but I am sure I would find some stuff that would be very tempting. Just think of the body heat given off from a cat, dog and 16 month old... I was a hot sweaty mess and loved every second!

A few updates:

Work sucks. I promise I will fill you guys in at some point.

Coffee lady is really nice, which leaves me to believe that she is just an idiot.

The roof is G to G -- bang, I fix stuff

And also thank you to the bloggers who have made comments, and offered advice. It really is a great community!

*under the oak cafe, great food great people.
**ok so if wifey was there it would have been better, yet all three mongruls would have left me to be with her.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Car, parking spaces

Seriously, if you take up more than one space in the parking lot you better not be driving a taurus. No offense to ppl driving low end cars, as I do, yet let's face is just cause you have a neon on 22s* does not mean you should take up two spots. Also, I understand that you parked further away, still two spots is a bit excessive. I am pretty sure the lines are painted in the parking lots so that your car fits between the lines. When you park in two spots it makes me want to key your effing car, zig zag style not just on line... Zig zag beeeyoootch, ziggggga zaaaagga (I hope you read that as cool as it sounded in my head). So, you have a brand new car, huh, you want to protect it as long as possible- great don't drive it, leave it at home in the garage. It already depreciated 30 percent, what's a few dings here and there? Now, let's make a few exceptions: if your car is older than I am, and restored, if your car is worth more than $85K, if you are older than 85**, and if you are parked in the furthest possibly spot. Then and only then will you have a pass. I think from now on I will become, super zig zag man, and travel around in my cape and key cars that are not following the rules.... And that is that!

* actually they are 18s but he keeps em really clean.
** if you are over 85 you can do whatever you want.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Random txts, one

Nothing better than rocking christina aguilera, geanie in a bottle acapella with the windows down--- to CA

That place fucking sucks and you suck too, for leaving me there.... I hate your face! Effing clownface jerk-- to uncle G

Instant msg and driving-- good mix --CA

Cassel is gonna look like the next coming of Montana against the dolphins - ftsy fball

This is where I am tonight. I don't know how I got here. Creepy. --UG with pic of a band playing

I just hurt myself clapping for the phils. And a good job to the d. - d-nice

Velociraptor is only aboyt 3 - 4 feet long. Beans could kick its butt with her psycho bert and ernie ball. That's my scientific opinion. - cj, paleontologist. (Guess that settles the bunk bed thing)

Wow I love mondays, also, I feel like I got hit by a truck! - pj
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Things I miss... One.

So, not feeling that great today. Still can't hear, or breath, or see... Makes work kinda hard, anywho, here is a brief list of some stuff that I miss...

My big wheel.
The green machine.
Nap time.
Recess am and pm
When my mom knew everything
Pay phones
Knowing ppls phone numbers by heart
Go bots
Good cartoons
Good knees
Star wars sheets
Remington steele
Good thur night tv: cosby, family ties, night court, and cheers.
Riding my bike, everywhere.
Using twizzlers as straws.
Hyper color shirts
No cell phone
New yorker laces
Belly laughing for no particular reason
Pressing play and record at the same time.
Arguing who was better mj or prince*
Techmo bowl
When a networking site was a park
Having to go to the library
Doing all my x-mas shopping with 5 bucks
Taking a date to the OG (olive garden) was high class.

*obviously prince
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photo, last post, weak

Ok, so the photo in my last post wasn't as fabby as I thought. I took another. Beautiful! A true masterpiece, look at the perfect mustard, not sure if you can see the steam, yet this pretzel is still warm! You have no idea how good this is... The only possible way this could be better is if I bought it from some homeless person standing on the bully (rt 1 in philly, very busy) who has a runny nose, and who knows what else-- throw in some smog and dirt--YUMMY
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Photograhy, sat am, cuber

Just look at that pic! If you would like to hire me for photog just give me a buzz. I don't need anything fancy just my phone. I work cheap, really really cheap, and I can e mail you the pics right away. It just doesn't get much better than that. One of the perks of being a sat am cuber is having no traffic on my way in. I literally stopped in the middle of the road and snapped this pic, and off I went.

The coffee machine in here is broken, wtf.
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Wii fit, video games, bathroom

Since when do we have video games that tell us that we are over weight? Awesome!! I broke down and bought a wii fit, I have heard so much about it and how much fun it is to play. Well, I just happened to be walking thru best buy, in the video game section for no reason at all. Looking in the wii section, again for nothing in particular, I see one wii fit sitting there on the shelf... Just one. It was fate, destiny, I had to have it. I told the clerk it was for the beans and he laughed at me.. Side note... I am not sure how many other dads use heights to keep their kids in one place, but I sure do. I place the beans on any counter top that I can find. It changes her view and keeps her in one place. Only now she has started yelling ' threee' and jumping into my arms. Yes, ' threee' no warning, no one, two, just the threeee and a jump... Dad of the year material right here! Ok back to the fit. After putting in my height, age and all the particulars.. I get my wii fit age (45, I am actually 35) ouch and it tells me I am over weight, nice. It even says, ouww, when you step on it.. Double awesome. I hear it even will ask where you have been if you don't use it enough. I can see it now, but honey I have to play video games tonight. I don't want the wii to be mad at me. The games are a lot of fun, a really lot of fun! I hula hoop with the best of em, even though wifey beat my score, I certainly looked the best. I worked on balance and rythm (I can't spell it nor do I have any, bang). I got a little sweat going, and will try it more tonight. It sure beats sitting on the sofa doing nothing, or destroying ppl in wii tennis, boxing, and bowling-- I kid I kid. If you have a wii and an extra 100 bucks go get one its worth it...

By the way; I am wearing greenish, brownish cargo pants, grey sweatshirt half zip with green lettering on it... Wait for it... And a bright blue shirt underneath-- bright blue!! Guess wifey didn't have her contacts in this am when she sent me out of the house.

By the way way; I sit in my desk till the absolute last second till have to go potty (yes I said potty). Then I run down there push the door open... Well, when guys have to go bad we start the unzip process early, like right after opwning the door early. We have two urinals, usually at least one is open. Lately, one has a trash bag on it, hence we are down to one urinal and two stalls. When you have to go bad you just assume a urinal is open... On more than one occasion I turn zipper in hand and have to abort and go to plan B. That takes A LOT of brain power and body control, quickly turn lef, don't unzip just yet, scan the stalls, hold your breath (this keeps you from peeing, duh), pull it together and finally go potty!

Only ppl with little kids say potty.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doing it, ladies club, kiddies

I take a day of during the week, hence I am cube bound on saturdays. On that day off I take the beans to gym class. I am the only person in that class that has an adult swt of nads!! Being the only grown up male in the room I am pretty much minding my ps and qs. I don't want to be that dad that does stupid dad things... And I always make sure the beans hair is done and she looks extra cute. Now on the other hand, some of these ladies come in pretty slubby. I mean come on its 10:20am get in the game. Dress appropriate, I know your boobs are bigger now with a young one, but honestly put the rack away (seriously, what guy says that) its not da club. And one last thing, make sure you kid has some socks on! Its really not that hard to put socks on your kid. I find it pretty disgusting that your kids toe jam is all over the place... And ladies when you walk around in your socks and you leave sweaty footprints on the floor, its time to change your socks... Bring two pair if you have to, make it happen! And no I don't know all of the songs that you sing, and yes I sing the loudest without knowing the words, its just how I do....

I can't stand listening to coffee lady in the am. She is rude, and it is getting to the point that pj needs to let her know about it.

I think I have a caffeine problem.

Oh and my head is clogged today, I can't hear a word that anyone says... What? Huh? You talking to me?
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


New to the blog world, I have no idea about the rules and regs. I came upon two blogs that have gone private in the past two months, due to ppl finding out about the blogs that shouldn't know about them. Then I leraned that ppl should de-lurk from time to time. where are the blogiquette rules? Do you need to leave comments? Do I need to reply to comments? (I have one, from my brother). I read the blogs that I follow at work, on a computer that I can't use to leave comments. I blog from my phone, but honestly it is tough to read blogs all day on a tiny screen. Also, any typos or run on sentences, basically any grammer or punctuation or spelling mistakes certainly are not mine-- its the small keys and no proof reading (sorry bout that, working on it). I only log on at home once in a blue moon* so, basically I think I need to start leaving some comments on other pages, I have lots to say** this community is great to be a part of, and I hope to bring some ppl into this with me. Well, not much else to say today- except we had some seat changes here at wk and coffee lady is really close, almost too close. Its going to get fun. I am not going to mention the eagles loss last night, yet I did stay awake for the ENTIRE game!!! You should be so proud.

* my new fav beer.
** guess you don't start a blog if you have nothing to say.
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Party, tired, psu -- rough

I always hear ppl who don't have kids say how tired they are-- u have no idea. I have been there, partied till the sun came up and then headed to work. No big deal kiddies. You get to sleep the nxt day, or heck go out again and get banged up. You will have some recoop time somewhere. A power nap, passing out you will get a chance to get some shut eye. I spent the weekend in the cuse, syracuse, watching my alum put a smackdown on the orange. Wifey, captain destruct-o and I made the drive up on friday night. To start off friday morning we were all up at 3:30am to get the day started, because hey why not the little one heard the birds chirping, hence it must be time to get up. She slept the car ride up (4 hours) which puts us at midnight. Then we are out of the car at my friend (rx7s house). New setting new toys, so it must be time to get up, nice! Finally asleep one and off from 2ish to about 5 thirty. Awesome. Up and at em, breakfast, apple picking, and then the game - of course if destruct-o is in the car she is sleeping, making up for lost time. Mommy and daddy have no such luxury. Game time- hoop (well you know). She loved the stadium the cheerleaders, the music, all the ppl, she loved it all... Except the heat. Heat rises and when you are sitting in the nose bleeds of the carrier dome it is hot and humid and muggy and nasty and sweaty all rolled into one. We loved the game, and the dome, yet we only made it to half time. Another 5 hours of sleep that night and off to come home. Nice ride, good sleepy time for destruct-o (beans from now on)* arriving home is nice, back to the old toys, the mighty apollo- time to play and get some dinner. The beans is happy to be back and out of the car dinner at nana and pop pops. Gotta get some more energy to burn. Bed at 8:30, up at 1, 2, and 3:30am, and back to sleep to 6ish. Mommy and daddy get up at five. Refreshing sleep for mommy and daddy. You think you had a rough weekend of getting your drank on?!?! You party what maybe 3 nights per week? This shizzle is 24-7, all go all the time. No rest for the weary! Just wait, that is all I can say. Hey rx7 thanks for the great weekend, sorry about the orange. They are just not good at all.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Redbull, caffeine......

My dearest redbull,

Over the past ten years we have been through a lot together. I remember needing you after long drunkin nights. Sleepless nights, after the bar, after the late night spot, after the diner. You were always there for me. We had our ups and downs, I even quit you, twice. Your addiction is just too tough. I hate you, I love you, I must have you. It seems that I really turn to you in time of need. Long car rides in the middle of the night, you were with me. Early mornings of work, you were with me. Monday night football games, I snuck you in with me. 9pm basketball games in my old mans league, you jucied me up. I left you for a month. I am back, and I am sorry. I do enjoy a good cup of joe, please understand you are my #1 just some days I need something hot. I turned to you again today, the beans got up at 3:30am ready to play. Work is tough, yet you are here pulling me along. I feel that our bond will grow stronger with sleepless nights and early mornings. Salvation in a can. I know that wifey hates you, but that has no affect on us. She just does not like your smell. As for us, we are back together, and I am ashamed to have left you at all. Thank you for waiting for me, and for never wavering. Together we will fly.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The mighty apollo

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Buy a product from a vending machine. Nothing good is in there, EVER. Stay away. You are bored not hungry. Do something, do anything, GET BUSY.
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This is a rice cake! Do not be skeered of the rice cake. It is a mix between cookies and popcorn. It is delicious! Love the rice cake. Notice I enjoyed a bite of this one before I took the pic, I just couldn't wait!!!!
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Wine, vino.

Certain days when you open your fridge and see that bottle of wine it is just time to get it on. It could be 9am or 9pm. It is just time to unscrew that sucker*, and do the old bent elbow. A tuff day at work. Kids driving you nuts. Rush hour traffic. Head is pounding. Whatever the reason, just go at it.


A few more storms and roof seems G to G.

Coffee lady today that she had the decaf made already. I knew that because she used the cannister marked decaf. I just nodded and said thanks.

* some good wines now come scre top.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Haircut, idiots, tip

I went to get a haircut last night, I am not going to name names or anything...

Anyway, I walk in and the young lady says ' can I help you?' Hmmm, I walked in to a hair cut place maybe I am here for a haircut. Maybe ask if I have a referal, or a preference or anything but 'can I help you' might not be best. I simply say, I would like a cut please. Reply: ok someone will be right with you. Now we have 4 ppl wearing smocks (sp?) Walking around doing nothing, I assume smocks mean they work there.. One grabs a broom, not sure what she was sweeping, I was the only ' customer' in the place and didn't see anyone leave. The sweeper lays the broom against the wall and walks into the back. Now all 4 smockers are back there chit chatting as I wait for my effing haircut. They are back there just chatting it up like they have nothing to do, I can hear them as my blood pressure goes up. Eachpassing second is making me more aggrevated. Ok here they come out of the room we will call them bleachy 1, bleachy 2, and sausage hands. I don't know what happened to smocky #4. I have been here before and sausage fingers cut my hair, he did a good job but his hands are so big and disgusting that I was praying he didn't walk up front. I have no problem with dudes cutting my hair, in fact uncle G has done it for the past few years (except once when fingers did it), alas that effer moved away, fooey. Ok, I know I am rambling. Fingers sits down with bleachy 2 and bleachy 1 comes up front, PJ? Yeah, lady nobody else is in here. I am pretty aggrevated but my non cut hair looked terrible so I had to be nice. The last thing you want to do is piss off the person who is about to cut your hair by saying something like: don't you idiots have a manager or owner or anyone who is interested in repeat customers or making money, ugh. I sat in that seat just hoping that one of the three would stumble along my blog and wonder, was that us, do my hands look like sausage, should I not bleach my hair, do customers pay my bills, do I work for tips, do I belong in a customer service industry--Idiots.

I will make this one quick. Wifey and I didn't plan dinner last night. We run to the diner to grab something quick. Halfway thru dinner I am thristy like crazy, and say to my wife if you see the waitress can you wave her down. Wifey, waves out the window so I turn and there she is outside looking at a car. Guess that water isn't coming soon -- I wonder if she can cut hair?

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Football sunday, wine, beer, being 35

I found myself yesterday watching the game with a glass of wine, heatly chips (sort of) and some hommus. I look to my right. my wife daughter were both napping nxt to me, my left a big glass of ice water. How times have changed!! Seems like just yesterday I would have been throwing down some beers, eating chips by the handful, hot wings, spilling stuff everywhere, screaming at the tv, and high fiving ppl followed by a great chest bump for touchdowns. Well, at least the tv is much bigger now and in high def. I do the fist pump, as to not wake the fam. Usually we still have a house full of ppl, yet yesterday was a nice change of pace. The wine was good and the game better. Oh, I also had some freah cut up veggies with some ranch dressing. All together now...awwww. Pj is all growed up. Go iggs.

You ask about the roof? We are G to G baby. No water dripping on the window, so for now I am mr. Fixit, until I have to fix something else.

Coffee lady was a no go today. I was running a bit late for work and didn't make the work sludge.
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football, the eagles, sundays, dip

Football season officially starts tomorrow. Ok, yes I know that two teams played the other night. To be straight forward nobody cares about those teams. The iggs get started tomorrow without a starting wide reciever, who cares! Get the chips (the scoopy ones), and get that buffalo chix dip ready. The eagles will win, we all know that already.* its time to break out the lucky mugs, the jersey, and get it on. Opps I forgot something** I wonder what time ppl will show up at me casa. Somehow ppl just show up when the birds play. We love it this way, what good is yelling and acreaming at the tv withou friends and family there to see? Who would I gloat to when I yell ' THAT IS HOLDING, CALL THE FREAKIN HOLD , ' and the ref actually calls it. THROW IT TO WESTBROOK!!! I am right on that one 70% of the time, ugh. I need someone to high five, I need someone to console me when I place my head in my hands. Holy cow, I need to get more iggs gear for my daughter. I am slacking lately. We are going to the cuse nxt week to see psu vs syracuse at the dome (very exciting). I need some psu gear for captain destruct-o. Well, here we go again-- superbowl this year!! Oh, and please cheer on the mighty apollo fantasy team, they start this weekend as well.

*they will go undefeated.
** I haven't put up my flag yet.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Mornings, am, g-d, coffee, 5am

Aaaaaand we r off!!! My commute to work is usually about 20 - 30 minutes, not bad. I travel on two roads, one turn, easy breezy fo sho! Anywho, I am about to make my left and I see the sun. Rising and looking wonderful. I mean what great artwork right there in front of me. I am not going to get into religion, but every once in awhile I think everyone has to thank g-d (not sure why ppl do that but I don't want to offend, yet I am sure it offends someone by doing it, ugh)... So, hey god, good job with the sunrise this morning it looked great, and I really appreciate it. Also, the bunny in the yard was really cute.* keep up the good work, we all notice!

On another note: when I get to work, I put on a pot of coffee. I do this just about every morning. almost daily one lady walks in and asks me if it is decaf and what kind it is. Ok, so we have two types of coffee, reg and decaf that's it. So don't ask me the same thing twice in one sentence, before I can even answer. I make the regular, and she makes the decaf. That's just how it works at least for the past few weeks, when I haven't made the good coffee at home. Today she says ' what do we have today?'. Before she could get any further I simply stated its the same as yesterday and the day before and will probably be the same tomorrow. Then I proceed to show her the canister marked decaf and the one marked regular that now has some precious joe brewing into it... Simple enough. What I wanted to say-- look moron we can do this stupid little dance everyday if you want, but let's face it I make regular coffee that goes in the regular pot. You make decaf that goes in the decaf pot. Its really not that fucking hard, and don't ever talk to me again until I have my coffee. Got it clownface?**

On a side side note. Just in case someone is reading this that actually knows me (or reading this at all). I ' fixed ' the roof the other day. My buddy D who is very handy brought a ladder up a few weeks ago and showed me what to do. Now I am not very handy, at all. I repeat I am not very handy AT ALL (caps mean serious) I finally got it done the other day, and its first test will be downpours and wind up to 40-50mph. Sweet. Can't I get a little drizzle first, so that for once I can brag about what a great job I did. Nope, downpours and 50!!

*cute till the mighty saw it. then it ran for its life.
** my buddy called me clownface the other day. It cracked me up, so I had to work it in. And no I do not look like a clown.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Biking, running, sept

Now here is the situation (my parents went away on a weels vacation)* - anyway, I was a runner and I really enjoyed it, I still do. Except I have a few screws in each knee, hence each year I train for an easy ten miler, do it. Then I run for maybe another month till the pain gets to be too much. This year I stole a bike, ok borrowed from pop pop, either way I now bike instead of run. A few things I have learned from my big 6 bike riding expeditions... Don't bike the way you jog. Obviously, on foot you are a bit more agile and the sidewalks are more jogger friendly than biker friendly. Bunny hops and wheelies are for kids, not 35 year olds. Settle in the seat and stay there. Learn your hand signals, if not ppl (drivers) are less friendly to bikers. In sept it gets darker earlier. Get some reflectors, lights, or whatever. Be seen. If you see bikers with better bikes and outfits steer clear. Get biker shorts, your hiknee will hurt. Lastly, if you go riding after dinner you should probably lay off the vino. A few glasses of wine and biking do not mix very well. ** oh, and always protect your melon.

* fresh prince, parents just don't understand
** only two glasses, but it was interesting
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lunch, pb and j, yummy, pb and pickles

I am not sure who decided to put peanutbutter and jelly together, but I would like to send that person a medal. I mean this has been a staple in my diet pretty much since birth. It never gets old eating pb & j. it has changed since using the white bread, gobs of pb and a ton of jelly. Now it is wheat bread (good carbs) a bit of reduced fat pb, and just the right amount of strawberry preserves. Bang. Perfect. I don't care if it is a snack, a lunch, a dinner, it just does not matter-- it sure is G to G at anytime. Preperation, nothing just slap it on and go. So, to whomever thought this up (not sure if it was my mom or not) I just want to say thank you. I have tried many times to come up with a great mix of two items a la choc and pb, fluff and pb, apples, bananas.... The closest I have come is pb and pickles (dill)... You heard it right, now go try it, do it, be exciting, be daring, get out there on the edge you will like it-- pb and pickles everyone is doing it, why don't you??
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Memorial day, labor day, mighty apollo

Nothing beats spending time with the family and friends. Working the grill, burgers and dogs made to order- just how I do it. The special sauce/dip...good idea D. I do burgers like its nobodies bidness! Seriously, I don't make them at the house, I don't mix the ingredients, I get them at costco (40 per box), the are frozen dethawed, and frozen again-- then they hit the grill, as they are grillin they get the pj touch. I can't divulge my secrets, but for mass produced frozen burgers it just gets no better. Tack on some of wifeys buffalo chicken dip and we r G to G (good to go). Mighty apollo can't handle the hotness so I make him his own. Seriously, thanks for stopping by. It is great to have conversations with ppl who are actually ' in the conversation. ' So, much of life is just passing thru or small talk - I am the king of small talk - it was my profession for 8 years. I think nana and pop pop have a plaque somewhere that reads ' friends are the family you choose.'. That is the truth and wifey and I have sure got some great family that we don't see enough.... And so do you! This memorial day or labor day (I am not so good with holidays) reach out and say hello. Have a conversation with some old friends, hit up the costco, get some burgers and make it happen.

Ps: put away the white.
Pss: that pic is the mighty after a tough bbq.
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