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Monday, September 15, 2008

Party, tired, psu -- rough

I always hear ppl who don't have kids say how tired they are-- u have no idea. I have been there, partied till the sun came up and then headed to work. No big deal kiddies. You get to sleep the nxt day, or heck go out again and get banged up. You will have some recoop time somewhere. A power nap, passing out you will get a chance to get some shut eye. I spent the weekend in the cuse, syracuse, watching my alum put a smackdown on the orange. Wifey, captain destruct-o and I made the drive up on friday night. To start off friday morning we were all up at 3:30am to get the day started, because hey why not the little one heard the birds chirping, hence it must be time to get up. She slept the car ride up (4 hours) which puts us at midnight. Then we are out of the car at my friend (rx7s house). New setting new toys, so it must be time to get up, nice! Finally asleep one and off from 2ish to about 5 thirty. Awesome. Up and at em, breakfast, apple picking, and then the game - of course if destruct-o is in the car she is sleeping, making up for lost time. Mommy and daddy have no such luxury. Game time- hoop (well you know). She loved the stadium the cheerleaders, the music, all the ppl, she loved it all... Except the heat. Heat rises and when you are sitting in the nose bleeds of the carrier dome it is hot and humid and muggy and nasty and sweaty all rolled into one. We loved the game, and the dome, yet we only made it to half time. Another 5 hours of sleep that night and off to come home. Nice ride, good sleepy time for destruct-o (beans from now on)* arriving home is nice, back to the old toys, the mighty apollo- time to play and get some dinner. The beans is happy to be back and out of the car dinner at nana and pop pops. Gotta get some more energy to burn. Bed at 8:30, up at 1, 2, and 3:30am, and back to sleep to 6ish. Mommy and daddy get up at five. Refreshing sleep for mommy and daddy. You think you had a rough weekend of getting your drank on?!?! You party what maybe 3 nights per week? This shizzle is 24-7, all go all the time. No rest for the weary! Just wait, that is all I can say. Hey rx7 thanks for the great weekend, sorry about the orange. They are just not good at all.
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