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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best thing ever, day off, sleepy time

Another wed has come and gone... Back to work! I had a great day at gymboree and visiting friends. Had lunch with mr. D nice (my oldest and bestest bud) under the oak* made a few stops on the way home and had a great day. Yet, nothing will beat what you see in this picture above**. That is one tired out beans, one daddy, one mighty apollo and one bella the kitty. All taking a nappy nap, ok so I wasn't napping, but someone had to take the pic. You pretty much could have offered me anything and I wouldn't have moved. Ice cream, nope. Wii fit bonus points, nope. Cash, nope (well, how much? Everyone has a point). An iphone, nope. New dress shoes (black and brown) nope.....I could go on and on, but I am sure I would find some stuff that would be very tempting. Just think of the body heat given off from a cat, dog and 16 month old... I was a hot sweaty mess and loved every second!

A few updates:

Work sucks. I promise I will fill you guys in at some point.

Coffee lady is really nice, which leaves me to believe that she is just an idiot.

The roof is G to G -- bang, I fix stuff

And also thank you to the bloggers who have made comments, and offered advice. It really is a great community!

*under the oak cafe, great food great people.
**ok so if wifey was there it would have been better, yet all three mongruls would have left me to be with her.
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Coconut Brady said...

Ahh - isn't that sweet!

ÄsK AliCë said...

That picture is the cutest thing ever!