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Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I miss... One.

So, not feeling that great today. Still can't hear, or breath, or see... Makes work kinda hard, anywho, here is a brief list of some stuff that I miss...

My big wheel.
The green machine.
Nap time.
Recess am and pm
When my mom knew everything
Pay phones
Knowing ppls phone numbers by heart
Go bots
Good cartoons
Good knees
Star wars sheets
Remington steele
Good thur night tv: cosby, family ties, night court, and cheers.
Riding my bike, everywhere.
Using twizzlers as straws.
Hyper color shirts
No cell phone
New yorker laces
Belly laughing for no particular reason
Pressing play and record at the same time.
Arguing who was better mj or prince*
Techmo bowl
When a networking site was a park
Having to go to the library
Doing all my x-mas shopping with 5 bucks
Taking a date to the OG (olive garden) was high class.

*obviously prince
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