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Monday, September 1, 2008

Memorial day, labor day, mighty apollo

Nothing beats spending time with the family and friends. Working the grill, burgers and dogs made to order- just how I do it. The special sauce/dip...good idea D. I do burgers like its nobodies bidness! Seriously, I don't make them at the house, I don't mix the ingredients, I get them at costco (40 per box), the are frozen dethawed, and frozen again-- then they hit the grill, as they are grillin they get the pj touch. I can't divulge my secrets, but for mass produced frozen burgers it just gets no better. Tack on some of wifeys buffalo chicken dip and we r G to G (good to go). Mighty apollo can't handle the hotness so I make him his own. Seriously, thanks for stopping by. It is great to have conversations with ppl who are actually ' in the conversation. ' So, much of life is just passing thru or small talk - I am the king of small talk - it was my profession for 8 years. I think nana and pop pop have a plaque somewhere that reads ' friends are the family you choose.'. That is the truth and wifey and I have sure got some great family that we don't see enough.... And so do you! This memorial day or labor day (I am not so good with holidays) reach out and say hello. Have a conversation with some old friends, hit up the costco, get some burgers and make it happen.

Ps: put away the white.
Pss: that pic is the mighty after a tough bbq.
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