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Friday, September 19, 2008

Wii fit, video games, bathroom

Since when do we have video games that tell us that we are over weight? Awesome!! I broke down and bought a wii fit, I have heard so much about it and how much fun it is to play. Well, I just happened to be walking thru best buy, in the video game section for no reason at all. Looking in the wii section, again for nothing in particular, I see one wii fit sitting there on the shelf... Just one. It was fate, destiny, I had to have it. I told the clerk it was for the beans and he laughed at me.. Side note... I am not sure how many other dads use heights to keep their kids in one place, but I sure do. I place the beans on any counter top that I can find. It changes her view and keeps her in one place. Only now she has started yelling ' threee' and jumping into my arms. Yes, ' threee' no warning, no one, two, just the threeee and a jump... Dad of the year material right here! Ok back to the fit. After putting in my height, age and all the particulars.. I get my wii fit age (45, I am actually 35) ouch and it tells me I am over weight, nice. It even says, ouww, when you step on it.. Double awesome. I hear it even will ask where you have been if you don't use it enough. I can see it now, but honey I have to play video games tonight. I don't want the wii to be mad at me. The games are a lot of fun, a really lot of fun! I hula hoop with the best of em, even though wifey beat my score, I certainly looked the best. I worked on balance and rythm (I can't spell it nor do I have any, bang). I got a little sweat going, and will try it more tonight. It sure beats sitting on the sofa doing nothing, or destroying ppl in wii tennis, boxing, and bowling-- I kid I kid. If you have a wii and an extra 100 bucks go get one its worth it...

By the way; I am wearing greenish, brownish cargo pants, grey sweatshirt half zip with green lettering on it... Wait for it... And a bright blue shirt underneath-- bright blue!! Guess wifey didn't have her contacts in this am when she sent me out of the house.

By the way way; I sit in my desk till the absolute last second till have to go potty (yes I said potty). Then I run down there push the door open... Well, when guys have to go bad we start the unzip process early, like right after opwning the door early. We have two urinals, usually at least one is open. Lately, one has a trash bag on it, hence we are down to one urinal and two stalls. When you have to go bad you just assume a urinal is open... On more than one occasion I turn zipper in hand and have to abort and go to plan B. That takes A LOT of brain power and body control, quickly turn lef, don't unzip just yet, scan the stalls, hold your breath (this keeps you from peeing, duh), pull it together and finally go potty!

Only ppl with little kids say potty.
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Dolce said...

This was hilarious! So it's the wifey's fault you dress like an idiot? I get blamed for the same crap too!