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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In my old age

I have come to learn a few things:

Beer actually has flavors. Go figure. I can hardly believe that this stuff isn't just to get hammered and make a spectacle out of yourself. It actually tastes good as well. Last night I came home with a case of Sam Adams winter brew, and wifey says woooh big spender the good stuff. I certainly do remember the days at good old PSU going to the distributor to grab a 30 back of natty light and maybe on a good day a case of bush pounders. Whatever was on sale was good enough for me, heck was good enough for all of us. Now that I have learned how to enjoy beer instead of chug chug chug it sure is nice to have something that goes down nice and smooth. Coming from a family where both of my grandfathers, whom I have only met one (once for a fewhours) were alcoholics my parents sure worried in college. I don't drink much now, yet I do know the difference between cheap beer and some good stuff.

Nothing beats a blue moon in a nice frosty mug, with an orange slice on a hot summer day.

Enjoy and be festive, but be careful tonight. They don't call it rookie night for nothing.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Totally Awkward Tuesday 1

I wish that I could take credit for this, yet I stole it/jumped on the bandwagon over at Tova Darlings pad.  Here is the idea, I will write an awkward story (shouldn't be hard to come up with one) and so will lots of people who read her blog.  If you want to have some people to share the awkwardness with head over HERE and check out all the links to the awkward stories.

Let me begin.  

I will start of in high school, where most awkwardness stems from.  My brother was a bit of a stud (there I said it), well, he was three years older than me.  This in turn meant that he knew older, more mature, more experienced ladies.  If I had to guess at my age I would put it around 13 or 14.  At some point my brother and I went on an afternoon excursion to run some errands - translation, get in some trouble.  I am not exactly sure where we went first, yet I do know that we ended up at one of his friends houses who happens to be a female.  I was 13ish which probably puts her at 16 or 17, and mature (if you catch my drift).  From the moment we got there I was taken by her beauty.  I remember thinking to myself that I know my brother could never have dated her, no way she was out of his league.   

My brother left the room for a few minutes and I remember being somewhat nervous as the two of us sat there in conversation.  I think she was talking and I was attempting to not look like I was looking at her boobs.  I think Journey was playing in the background.  I am getting a little out of breath as I type this.. She looks me square in the eyes and says give me a kiss.  I freeze!  Frozen.  I had a million thoughts go through my mind, seriously, wow, no way, its gonna happen, holy ba jeezes... she must have noticed the shocked look on my face, as she said... 

"They are right behind you on the counter".  A herseys kiss.  A bowl full of hersey kisses.  Awkward.  I sat there in silence, palms sweaty, and all those other things that go on for 13 year olds.   At this point I really think that she knew what she was doing.  She knew that she was playing with my heart.  Mean just plan and simple mean.  I had to walk home with my brother who explained to me that he was in fact dating her.  ugh.  

There is totally awkward Tuesday number 1.

Monday, December 29, 2008


The holidays are over. Tree is down and wrapped up for next year. The gifts are almost all put away. The wheels are in motion to get things back to normal. Dealing with two sets of divorced parents is not easy. Having to be here and there, expected to have the beans in certain places at certain times. Doing what you can to make people happy. I am not sure that is what it is all supposed to be about. The stress of family, getting the right gift, meeting up with friends, doing this special activity or that one, and the biggest one when people give you gifts that you have not bought gifts for! I think my house was a bit more Christmasy when we were taking the tree down.

Nothing like the holidays to spread some cheer. I am already formulating a plan for next year. It will just take some convincing to get wifey on board.

NYE right around the corner. Plan safe.

Tomorrow is my first awkward Tuesday. Yeah.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday season

What a wonderful time to put some decorations on the tree and have some laughs. We have some carols going in the background, the beans doing her thing, canada is in, the family is over, my niece is doing very well, and my friends we'll,l are my friends. My cup it over flows..

It is the time of the year to let the past be the past and the future to write itself. Goodness and mercy for all my life. I have never really been a religious man, yet I am very spiritual. Along with my old age came a sense of family. Most of this was taught to me or showed to me by my wife. She has taught me so many wonderful ideas and ideals. I have learned so much from her family just by watching their daily activity. My brother and I are turning things around and setting a new example for not only ourselves, also our budding families. The holidays have a new meaning for me, not only for the holiday season, but year round as well.

I am sure that Christmas eve and Christmas mean different things to different people. Yet everyone can get into the spirit of making a difference, helping out a little or make it as easy as a sile to a stranger.

Enjoy the family and also enjoy all of those people you don't know that are bumping into you at the mall. You have more in common than you think.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ut ohhh

I just put this all together from some comments that I have gotten over the past few days. My building not only has the fbi, yet we also have a dermatologist. I am no conspiracy theorist, yet seeing people walking around in scrubs and patiets with bandages on their faces seems odd. Now take that a bit further and you have the guys walking around with the guns. Ohh, sugar snaps we have radio disney as well. What a tangled web we weave!

This morning on my way to work instead of listening to the radio I found myself listening to my daughters music. I sing along, naturally. It took me about five songs to put on some adult music - oooh oh diamond girl. I usually sing loudest to Mariah not only do I know the words, yet I have range like that- BANG

I have been thinking up a great holiday post and saving it for tomorrow. Then when I dropped the beans of this am, nana and pop pop said they would be bringing some gifts over tonight. Well, my tree still isn't decorated. We were waiting for canada to get into town and tonight is our first chance. Holiday season starts right now in PJs world. Let's go give some joy.

I am kinda of stressing about my works NYE party which starts at noon it is fully catered, and top shelf unlimited bar. Karoke is mandatory as per the ceo. Maybe I will have to bust out a little Grease, summer nights. Babylon by David Grey, no one knows the lyrics anyway. Down eastern Alexa by Billy Joel. Sweet child of mine, unskinny bop, its gonna be rough. I have been working on my Roger Rabbit, maybe my dance moves will keep the focus off my singing. On of my favorite songs is 5 steps by dru hill, I bust that out in the car all the time.

I hope everyone has a great day.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ahhh storms

This is my kitchen table, on Friday Dec 19,2008. Why the candles you ask? Well, because I don't have any power. Wifey and the beans are out at a holiday party for some teacher folk. I figure I will hang out here with the mighty Apollo in the dark and enjoy some quiet. Unless of course my basement floods. I really wish that I had some great knowlege to drop on you guys or some great weekend story, but I don't. Not yet. Ohh wait. A guy at work got the new google G1, not very impressed. Oh wait again....

I usually get to work a few minutes early and sit outside in my car listening to the radio and reading some of your wonderful blogs, yes you. I would link to you guys but, no power means no computer. Anywho, I see this well dressed really clean cut guy usually gets to the parking lot a bit after me each day. Well, yesterday he gets out of his car, turns a bit to reach for his sport coat... And he is packing heat, the dude is strapped (has a gun). I think to myself, no shit wonder what he needs that for? As I watch him enter the building I watch him take the stairs ( very healthy ), and go to the second floor. I being as nosey as I am, walk into the building and Iook at the directory. Scanning the second floor, scanning, scanning- mortgages, lawyer, hmmm FBI. holy cow, FBI in my building, pretty sweet. Maybe now I can find out the kennedy thing and area 54. I am sure they keep those files up there. I figure to befriend the guy some time next week. I will fill you all in soon.

Ok. its been a few hours now. I have gone to pick the beans up from the party. Dropped her off at nana and pop pops, told my wife to stay and have fun (her best friend is in from out of town). She wants to come home, yet not much to do here, except put some towels down in the basement to soak up some water. Other than that, move a few things so they don't get wet and clean up the mess tomorrow. Good times. Guess I will get to soaking up, and then head over to crash at nana and pop pops as well. It is what it is sometimes.*

Beans was already asleep whne we got there, the transition is sometimes rough from car to crib, regular clothes to pjs, yet we pulled it off. Luckily nana and pop pop are a one minute drive away. I am back and minimized the water damage, which I must say isn't really damage at all. I have nothing but cement floors down there. I think I will lose an old trunk that I really don't care about anyway. Other than that just about a days worth of time and scrubbing that floor. Good thing I can't hear my neighbors generator from my living room**. I have so many different scented candles burning that my sense of smell is going crazy. Nothing like sitting with the kitties and pupper in a dark cold house.

I have one ' real wood ' candle that crackles when it is burning, just like real wood. I am sitting delicately on the fence of grabbing that noisy ass candle and throwing it at the generator that is mocking me so wonderfully. When my battery goes dead on my phone I might just lose it.

Well, I feel asleep instead of going to nana and pop pops. Wifey sent a txt saying she was running late, so I headed to the basement for more cleanup. Pretty tired at this point and water sucks.

After lots of mopping and the sump pump running with the dehumidifier doing 110 percent the basement seems good to go. I went to ride a train with santa. The entire family went, and we had a blast. We sang carols, met with Santa, drank hot cocoa and headed home late after one fabulous train ride. Chooo choooo.

The only thing worse than my basement flooding is the weather has been terrible in Philly. Between being in a damp basement and chipping ice of the cars I caught a good case of the runny nose. So that means no visiting my neice or brother. Good stuff.

Also, the Eagles lost this weekend knocking them out of the playoffs (slim chance). And my fantasy football team was destroyed in the championship, who needs all that extra money anyway?!?!?

*special note: I think that is the first time I actually used the title of this blog in a story. Someone really needs to explain this tagging thing to me.
** if you didn't get it I was using sarcasm. I really can hear his effing generator- BANG
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Friday, December 19, 2008

In my little world

I sit at my desk and gaze out the window from time to time. I think my office looks just like the office building accross the street. I wonder if over there someone is looking out their window wondering if someone over here is looking over there. Let's call that guy bizzaro PJ. He is the negative to my positive. When I get 0 sales he is signing em up all day. When I spill my coffee all over my desk he probably finds five bucks in his desk. Darn that bizzaro. I always have bizzaro counter parts. I think it started when I was young and really thought that China was the opposite of Phily. I blame this on my brother. He probably put this thought or idea in my young mind and it has stuck with me for years. Running a bit late this am so that is all you get today. As for monday, I will tell you my gun/fbi story. How is that for a cliff hanger? Let's hope bizzaro PJ has a rough day today.
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here goes... I was kinda tagged by Jest at Jestor-teatales, one of my favorite blogs!  She really didn't tag me as much as she said I needed to do it.

1. link to the person who tagged you - check.
2. post the rules - working on it.
3. share six non important things/habits/quirks about myself
4. tag six people - prob won't do it.
5. let them know I tagged them- see #4

Well, if you want to do this just take it.. hahaha

Random things that you don't already know about PJ

1. PJ is not my real name (go figure)
2. I am allergic to chocolate and red food dye.  
3. I have 3 tattoos.
4. I don't drink milk, ever!  Its disgusting.
5. I tore both ACLs.  My knees are terrible, yet I can still beat RX7 at basketball.
6. I can't walk in a straight line.
7. I fall down a lot.
8. I don't put my fork down when i eat.
9. I think I am a pregnancy expert, because my wife has been preggo.
10. I cry. hahhaha I am a sap.  I don't know when it happened, but hey its out there.  Yet, I will still throw down when needed.
11.I have never washed my car, its 2 years old.
12. I make mix tapes that are all over the place.  I have no hesitation going from country to rap. 
13. I love to say BANG, how ya like that BANG. 
14. when i am talking about a cute girl or woman to my buddies I say.. man, I would hit that like a screen door in a hurricane.  BANG.  I don't remember where I heard that but its hilarious.
15. Wifey dumped me twice before we got married.
16. I know two or three people who are reading this that need to start blogs. I WILL NAME NAMES - BANG
17. I am useless with tools, useless.
18. My OCD is with time.  I am never late, no matter what.
19. I eat my food one item at a time.  I only put one food type on my plate at a time.  I eat that one thing and move on to the next.
20. Wifey will guest post at some point.

When I do something I do it right.. how ya like me now?????? BANG

Now get your A double snake over to JESTS place.  Make sure you leave a note to have Tea guest post, and read from the start no cheating.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brr its cold in here must be....

Some Pjs in the atmosphere. Winter in Philly is pretty unpredictable. Last year we had no snow, at least nun worth a mention. This year it has snowed 3 times before Christmas. Last night a little snow and ice, maybe an inch or so nothing serious. The roads are pretty good to almost very good. Temp up to 43 degrees today, so that means all of this will melt and freeze, Sweet. Nothing like a little ice to make people drive like idiots. Too fast or too slow, too offensive or too defensive. All of these a holes need to get off the road before I go all Mad Max on them. I tell you what though. The snow on the lawns and trees sure makes for some good scenery. And those christmas lawn deer with the lights look pretty cool, I have to pick some of those jawns up next year. Haha I said jawns! I love the 80s. I should have worn my moon boots today. That would have been way rad. SIKE.

Sorry this post is a bit weak content wise, but it is hard to concentrate on the road and type and THINK at the same time. Tommorrow will be gold, gold PJ gold.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


People will always have something to say about you. Good or bad, people talk. Some people will actually say what they have to say to your face. Others will yip yap behind your back. Bad hair, bad breath, stain on your pants, food in your teath it really doesn't matter just let me know. I will be thankful, and I will be able to. Rectify the situation. If I don't know and you think it is funny than by all means make fun of me and point and laugh.

Hey PJ can I talk to you a second? Sure, what up? Well, it seems your love handles are a bit out of control lately. Hmm, thanks man. I really appreciate you telling me. My pants have felt a little tighter, yet I haven't been very motivated to get my workout on. Thanks for the heads up, it sure is tough not eating that extra cookie around the holidays. Oh, and that extra glass of wine is sometimes harder to avoid. Holiday parties sure will put a few extra lbs on. DYK: the average american gains 10 - 15 lbs from Thanksgiving to NYE. I am on my way. Time to make some pre-new year resolutions.

I also have a meme to do. If someone could explain what that means it would be very helpful! It however is very difficult to get that done while driving to work. I need to put some links in it, yet I have not figured out how to do that from my phone very efficiently. Seeing as though if I am on my computer at home I am in fantasy football mode, championship game this weekend.
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Monday, December 15, 2008


I am not sure how many of you guys have ever seen a miracle. What you see in this photo are two teeny tiny footprints and my left hand. Those little feeties belong to my neice. She was born on Thur at 1pm. Her weight was 1.2lbs, yep 1lb 2ounces. Her due date was expected to be Mar 24th or in that neighborhood somewhere. We didn't really expect her before Christmas. The docs all say that mommy and daughter are doing great. Mommy goes home tomorrow. My neice won't be leaving soon, yet she is in fantastic hands. I wish I could somehow put into words how it feels to see a baby that small and fragile, but I can't. I can't even attempt. Miracle is the only word that comes to mind. God bless.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A moment.

Maybe a few times in a life time does something happen that makes you take stock of your life. Makes you step back and think for a second or an hour a day a week or a month. Really sit down and think about what's important. Contemplate about why we are here. Some people choose the why me avenue, the glass half full road is pretty conjested. Reflection is a very powerful too. I try to live my life pretty clean, as in as little dirt as possible. Wifey was brought up pretty religious, me not so much. We have a lot of great talks about religion, and what I call formatted religion. I was brought up Quaker (not amish), and I have an open mind to all religions. I have a very open relationship with god. I think that I live my life with the idea of karma. Do unto others as you shall have done unto you, always made lots of sense to me. Take a minute and reflect, send some good thoughts out into the world, some good mojo. Get out there and make it a better place to live.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thumbs up guy

I think this guy is at every office that ever existed. You know him, or you could be him. The guy who whenever he walks away he gives you the thumbs up with a smile. Cheese at its best! I always wanted to be the mr. Innapropriate hugger guy, yet I just can't get myself to do it. I have not found the two finger point guy yet, but I know he is out there. It sure is fun to be the new guy, and be able to put some thought into who I want to be. Right now I have the I don't really know your name so I am vague as possible guy on lock down. Friday is my first work function and I surely know that I don't want to be bad secret santa gift guy, or drunk at a work function guy, or holy shit he ate all the leftovers guy. I think great dancer guy is out of the question as is great karaoke guy. Feel free to pass along some suggestions. Maybe I will be really excited for the party guy. I also don't want to be the sitting at the table blogging/txting/e mailing guy. Man I hope its fun so I am not tempted to be ' that guy.'
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What the----

Why the H E double hockey sticks can't I see anything when driving at night? A few years ago I just wasn't seeing things the way I used to, so I got the old eyes checked. Turns out I needed glasses for driving at night. I wore those glasses at night and all was good. Then at night in the rain it was a little rougher. Now that it is so dark so early it is a bit rougher. Seriously, W T H. Please note the caps! I am befuddled how these people can get away with giving me glasses that make my vision dependent on them and pretty much make my vision worse. How the heck am I supposed to read blogs on my way home from work? I either need to bring my laptop in the car or just not be able to see the entire way. Let's face it a laptop is not very safe in the car, unless your a cop they are trained professionals. Hmmm, maybe they are just blogging as well.

The one thing that I love about winter. No, its not the snow, although driving someone elses car in the snow is a blast. I love when all of.the leaves have fallen off of the trees. You can see so much more, you find houses that you never saw before and wonderful views. Wifey and I would take our Sunday drives to check out the scenery. Shoot up to my moms, which is an hour an half ride, or just drive up to Amish country. I would always apologize for not talking much, because I was too busy looking around. Unfortunately, we still enjoy those rides and I think the beans has become a fan of falling asleep in the car. Not good at nap time.

Yesterday in Philly high of 31 today 54 tomorrow 60 Thur and Fri back down to the 30s. This is prime getting sick weather. Yes, I know the weather doesn't make you sick the germs do, good luck with that!
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Monday, December 8, 2008

I know...

Its not a lot of snow, yet it is still early. In Philly it is rare that we get snow before X-mas. Let alone twice. I almost lost it on the way to the car, hit a patch if ice and let out a big whooooa. I mean its not like I live in St. Johns or Syracuse or some crazy place like that. Those places have 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad sleeding. Usually here we get 3 months of cold, and a smattering of ice and snow. I will let you in on a secret, if you layer up than you are good to go! G to G baby.

How bout the great month of December I think I am booked up each friday and sat from here on out. Its tough when you are as popular as I am. Actually, it is all family and close friend stuff. Oh and the fact that we still haven't finished the decorating or started the shopping. Great that wifey and I are both Christmas eve shoppers. Nothing better than walking the mall on Christmas eve, with a glassy eyed look. Crossing people off your list buying a few things for yourself and making it happen at the wire. SHAZAM, its just how we do it. Who needs to be done shopping already or dare I say ' prepared ' for the holidays? Not me.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

New friends all over the place

When I am out to eat or shopping or walking in my neighborhood and I see dads with kids my daughters age I always wonder if we will be friends when our kids grow up. Am I gonna be driving his kid to soccer practice? Coaching his kids in basketball? It just seems odd to me that I see these people around and somehow I know that I will be seeing them again. I see the little boys and wonder if I will ever have to kick their butts, wonder if they will ever call my house. I wonder if I will ever have to threaten those little bastards.
Twitter, I guess I just don't get the point. I mean seriously the three people who read my blog probably don't need hour by hour updates.

Does anyone read - confessions of a jersey girl? I think she blocked her blog or stopped blogging. I really liked the read so if you have an e mail for her please pass it along. TY

TGIF suckers! You know who you are!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today I received an e mail from a fellow blogger, I am not going to use any names, who said that I am on his/her mommy blogger list.  Seriously? Mommy blogger.  Not that mommy blogging is bad, I read a lot of great mommy blogs!  How bout Daddy Blogs, Cool ass blogs that happen to be written by guys who have kids.  Any who, I am working on a name for it.  I also have a great mommy blog story for today.

From time to time wifey is not here at the house when it is time for the beans to go down for the night.  We have a great routine that we follow to the T more often than not (97% of the time).  Mommy reads a few books, as do I (well, two that I am allowed to read).  We sing a song or two together, which is a part of one of the books.  I am also in charge of making sure the dog and cats don't get too rowdy when we are cooling down for bedtime.  Basically, I am a security guard who gets to be involved in some reading and singing.  

On the nights when mommy is not home for whatever reason at bedtime.  I get to do it all.   Each time it goes a bit different.  I have had grandpa in the room with me, and uncle D once.  Everyone else waits downstairs.  This is special time, not every joe schmo gets to be in the room when the beans goes to sleep.  Tonight we read the books and sang the songs.  We moved on to say our prayers, give our kisses and noses and cheeks.... 

And.. She looked at me and said, " Daddy " in a half asleep voice, a tired voice.  She then leaned over so that I could cradle her in my arms, gave me a glance, and said " daddy " again in the same voice, it completely melted my heart.  Her eyes were closing, and she was in that place right between awake and asleep, coherent and incoherent almost dreaming, yet awake.  It is nothing short of a miracle when these moments come along.  They happen daily, yet you have to be able to ' be in the moment.'  It is just so amazing that these moments all come together.  I understand that I miss a lot of those moments during the days when I am at work or unable to be with the family.  I also understand that she shares those moments with other people.  Nana, Pop pop, Mommy and all of the people that are close with the beans have had these moments.  With the holidays coming up, and a Christmas that the beans actually knows that something is going on.  Maybe I am a bit sappy or a bit tired, yet I am sitting here watching the sixers play, blogging about my daughter.  Oh how times have changed.  Hopefully Canada will be home soon to share some of these moments.

Now I am off to do some manly things i.e. get the dishes done, pick up the toys that are all over the house, make sure the outside lights are on for wifey when she gets home, and get some sort of workout in.  Have a great day!!!!

Not a daddy blog

I really don't want to turn this into a daddy blog and be all my kid this or my kid that BUT, hahaha. Nothing better than going 6 deep in my bed, 2 cats, a dog, wifey and from time to time the beans. Last night was one of those nights where I sleep all contorted hanging off of the side of the bed and wake up to a little girl saying, ' daddy daddy cho cho.'. To make a long story short my day started at 4:40am playing with a cho cho that runs around our christmas tree. We read some books, tormented the cat a bit, had some breakfast, and even let mommy get some more much needed sleep. I know that later this afternoon I will be a bit sluggish, dare I say tired, yet nothing can beat some QT with the beans.

On a side note: I am that A-hole who drives with his knee posting on a blog while sitting in traffic. There I said it. For safety reasons I only blog on straight roads and stopped at lights. Safety first kiddies.

I am pretty much in need of new technology. Has anyone seen or used the new G1 from google? I need an update.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The hard part is getting started

Over the past year or so I have not really gained much weight, but as my last post stated my weight has changed. Hahaaha, I still wear the same size pants, even went down a belt loop size. It just seems that all of the hard work that I put in the gym in the past is now bye byes. So, its time to get motivated and get my lazy butt into gear. I have all of the tools that I need at the house. Bowflex, check. Free weights from 3 to 52, check. Bike, check. Wii fit, check. All of the above seem to be gathering dust right now. Sure the beans makes it hard, but I really can't use that as an excuse. Its time to get back to the grind. The hard part is getting that first week under my belt (hahaha no pun intended). In the past I would simply wake at 4:30am get to the gym at 5am and get a great workout in before the day started, I loved it. That just can't work anymore with a kid that wakes between 5 and 5 thirty am. So it starts tonight, once the beans goes down, daddy gets to work. My goal is pretty simple. Get into great shape this year before the Broad street run which is usually the first weekend in May. I have the time to get er done, I just have to put my mind to it. Easy fo sheezy.
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Monday, December 1, 2008

The day after

Ok so I missed the what I am thankful for blog day. Ooops. No biggie. Let's move on to the day after the gluttony. If one day were all it was then hey, this would be great. Let's face it. I have in-laws staying at the house, people stopping by, a big breakfast followed by a big dinner with a big lunch smack dab in the middle. For 3 days in a row! Let's talk about starting back up with that workout routine. For gosh sakes I pretty much have a gym in my basement that has not been used for about 18 months. Apple pie, blueberry pie, ice cream, gourmet chocolate, yeah they all fit nice and snug right on those love handles. I mentioned to my wife the other day that I still weigh the same, but I just don't feel as great as I used to. Her reply, ' well, honey you have lost a lot of mussle.'. Aww, that's for putting that into perspective your the best! After two days of non stop eating my belly is full.

And after two days of non stop family my brain is mush. It is tough when you have two sets of divorced parents, and one young grandchild. People come in from out of town and stay at the house which in turn means that you can not escape. You seriously have nowhere to hide. You hope to run to the store, return a movie run any errand that you can think of just to get out. To clear your head, to have a moment of PJ time.

At some point you are thrilled that you have 4 days off in a row, but also wish that no one knew you were off. Nothing quite like the holiday crunch. I am making my list and checking it twice.
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