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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here goes... I was kinda tagged by Jest at Jestor-teatales, one of my favorite blogs!  She really didn't tag me as much as she said I needed to do it.

1. link to the person who tagged you - check.
2. post the rules - working on it.
3. share six non important things/habits/quirks about myself
4. tag six people - prob won't do it.
5. let them know I tagged them- see #4

Well, if you want to do this just take it.. hahaha

Random things that you don't already know about PJ

1. PJ is not my real name (go figure)
2. I am allergic to chocolate and red food dye.  
3. I have 3 tattoos.
4. I don't drink milk, ever!  Its disgusting.
5. I tore both ACLs.  My knees are terrible, yet I can still beat RX7 at basketball.
6. I can't walk in a straight line.
7. I fall down a lot.
8. I don't put my fork down when i eat.
9. I think I am a pregnancy expert, because my wife has been preggo.
10. I cry. hahhaha I am a sap.  I don't know when it happened, but hey its out there.  Yet, I will still throw down when needed.
11.I have never washed my car, its 2 years old.
12. I make mix tapes that are all over the place.  I have no hesitation going from country to rap. 
13. I love to say BANG, how ya like that BANG. 
14. when i am talking about a cute girl or woman to my buddies I say.. man, I would hit that like a screen door in a hurricane.  BANG.  I don't remember where I heard that but its hilarious.
15. Wifey dumped me twice before we got married.
16. I know two or three people who are reading this that need to start blogs. I WILL NAME NAMES - BANG
17. I am useless with tools, useless.
18. My OCD is with time.  I am never late, no matter what.
19. I eat my food one item at a time.  I only put one food type on my plate at a time.  I eat that one thing and move on to the next.
20. Wifey will guest post at some point.

When I do something I do it right.. how ya like me now?????? BANG

Now get your A double snake over to JESTS place.  Make sure you leave a note to have Tea guest post, and read from the start no cheating.  


Jest said...

Thanks PJ! This was great and I'm super impressed with the extra points. I knew you had it in you.
"Man, I would hit that like a screen door in a hurricane. BANG" I just don't even know what to say about that...
Oh, I've convinced Tea to do a guest post, so look for that, perhaps in the new year (or even sooner, if you're lucky!)

Laura said...

Awesome...BANG. Screen door is priceless and I promise to tell my brother.

I posted a child development post for you today pj or whatever your real name is :) Email me anytime with child development questions and I'll post on them. :)