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Friday, October 31, 2008


I have to say it. All the trash talk about my neighbors, I am deeply sorry. I will not throw rocks at your house tonight. Good job with keeping your lights on, and giving out candy. I am sorry for all the bad things I have said and will continue to say about you. Oh, and thanks for reading my blog!!!!
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Say boo to a bee. Say it. Man that is some funny stuff. Well, halloween is here. the past few years my halloweens have dropped off a bit. I really enjoy giving out candy and seeing all the kids dressed up. Yet, in the past 6 or so years I have moved three times. My first house was a little row home in NE philly. I swear on halloween they would bus the kids in to hit all the easy houses (row homes are all connected). These kids would fill a few bags, starting at 6pm and going till about 10pm. Now I always bought tons and tons of candy, I didn't want to be ' that guy'. All my friends came to my house to give out candy and hang with sammy, the mayor of my street (he never went trick or treating). After two years, wifey* and I bought a condo in the burbs. We figured that it would be pretty busy with the condo kids running around. We got about an hour or so of kids, and a bunch of drunk adults. Now, I shopped for candy that year (as if I was still in the NE). I think I spent around $70, so you can imagine what we had left over. Fast forward another two years and now we have a nice little house in a development**. Lots of kids in the neighborhood, so off I went to grab some candy. I very excitedly spent another good chunk of coin! Well, my house is the lastish house on the street (unless you do the loop). And my neighbors across the street don't give out candy***. Hence, the lazy little kids turn around before they get to my house. I have a plan this year! We are set up to light my house up, every light on in the house and some floods outside. Also, the beans will be dressed up, I will be screaming ' this is the best candy on the block, ' and we are setting up at the bottom of the drive way. BANG. This should increase our give-a-ways and visitors. I might have to suspend my candy incentive plan. You know the better to costume the better/more candy the kids get. Happy halloween, be safe. And remember, halloween is for candy! Don't give out change or apples or granola bars - don't be 'that guy.'

* wifey was not wifey yet.
** I hate that word.
*** stupid effers, I still don't talk to them.
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new man, better today than yesterday

Check out these little beauts that wifey purchased for me yesterday. My first pair of slippers. I am not a slipper kind of guy, wait, I was not a slippers kind of guy. They always seemed, well, rather sissyish. I mean what grown ass man wears slippers? How I was mistaken. I am not the type of person who likes to be barefoot. I always have something on my feet, always. Socks don't do it for me, I need more protection than just socks. I am not sure where I picked up this trait, yet I don't care if I am in the house or not I always have shoes on. Last night at target wifey saw this wonderful creations and bucked up the $9.99 to bring me into a whole new world. I promptly went home, changed into my sweats, and slipped em on. I was moving around the house ninja like, steath as you say. I was sneaking up on the beans, the cats, the mighty apollo. All no match for the quiet that the slippers brought me. Then I snuggled in for the phillies game, and it hit me. My feet were so comfy and cozy that it was astonishing. Toasty warm, yet cool enough. My gosh what have I been missing. I actually contemplated wearing them to work today, I went with the trusty new balance instead. Saturday is slipper day in cube land. If you don't have slippers you aint got nothing. Maybe I need to get some uggs (I think that is what they are called). ok, forget the uggs, maybe some furry tims or something. Plus the tims make me taller!

Phils world champs, nuff said.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is what happens.....

When I read my dads blog....
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The one where I talk about work...

I am not really sure where to begin on this one... My work environment sucks! I work in a very competitive sales force. We don't really compete with each other as much as we compete to keep our jobs. We are ranked in many different ways: inbound sales, outbound sales, closing percentage, time at our desk vs time away from our desk, up sell numbers, down sell numbers (yes we have a downsell quota, idiots). These numbers are e-mailed to us twice daily, and are rotating on flat screen tvs strewn throughout the sales floor. You can't escape the numbers, ever. The competition to keep your job is fierce. They fire ppl for not making the quota, miss one month and you have to make up for what you missed plus the nxt months quota or your fired. No questions asked. If you are in the bottom 10 percent closing percentage for the year, and also part of the bottom 10 percent for any two months, your fired. Now the key to the last one is that you don't know exactly where you are until two weeks before you get canned. They only notify who the bottom 10 percent is... Crazy... And each month more people are let go, and the bottom 10 percent gets closer and closer. I can see the confusion on your face. Seems like they are flirting with the ethics line a bit, and yes they are! Wait wait wait, I just got an e-mail with my favorite quota. Number of leads captured. When you don't sell the program you are judged on how much info you can get from that person before they get off the phone. Awesome. I have a non buyer on the phone and I need to waste time getting info before moving on. Late 6 times, fired. Leave early 6 times, fired. Use an hour more than your vaca time, fired. Well, I guess you are beginning to understand. I have to go hit some quotas. Not to mention, I am not allowed to have a cell phone out, let alone blog at work. I have so much more to say about this, yet in due time. In due time. Why am I still here? The money was worth it. Key word ' was .'

Side notes:

Phillies game on delay for a bit, maybe I can get some sleep tonight.

Its snowing in philly right now. Oct 28th. Wtf.

I can't wait to throw rocks at my neighbors house when they turn the lights off on halloween!
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Monday, October 27, 2008


So the phillies are one game away from winning the world series. PSU is ranked number 3! The philly sports world is a buzz. And my sportsfanmanship is pathetic! I just can't find the time to get into it. I also think the sixers started this weekend, and I missed it. What the heck is going on. Up till about 16 months ago, I didn't miss much in the sports world. Haha, now I wake up in the middle of the night and check the scores on my phone, and go back to bed. I just don't think the beans is ready to be a philly sports fan yet. It is a tough city. She has been sleeping pretty rough lately, therefore so am I. If I have to give up some world series, sixers, eagles, psu, etc... Games to spend time with the fam than I will do that with open arms. At this point in my life I would love to go to a championship parade, yet not without the fam, and no way am I bringing a 16 month old down there. I am a bit worried about the city after cole brings home the bacon tonight. Celebrations should not be riots, should not be flipping cars and burning stuff. It just does not make sense. I will just have to watch at home, and run into the strret banging some pots and pans after the game, very quietly as to not wake anyone up. Lets go phils!
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Rx7, friends, that guy

My head is pounding today so bear with me on this one. Everyone has that one buddy, you know the one. Maybe a bit too loud, just a tad inapropriate at times, but just so darn lovable. You just wish you could bottle up some of that child like energy and keep it for yourself. My buddy we will call him rx7 (his true love) screams at the tv while playing video games, talks too loud at quiet restaurants, and always is amped up and ready to go when everyone is winding down.

And now to the real story:

My wife and I went to jamaica for our wedding, we were lucky to have 22 friends and family tag along. Some for the week some for just a few days. It was a great display of frienship to have so many ppl with us. Rx7 came down just for the weekend of the wedding. The drive from the airport to the resort was long enough for him to tie a good old buzz on before he got to the resort. Add that in with his boyish energy, and it was on (for him). Our dinner for everyone was that night, so wifey and the rest of us were pretty chill all day, soaking up the sun and a few drinks here and there.. Rx7 was running around the resort proclaiming his love for jamaica! Pretty funny stuff, and pretty typical. The night of the dinner rx7 was no where to be found, passed out in his room. No biggie. The rest of the weekend went smooth, the wedding was fabulous.

Fast forward to us all getting off the plane in philly. Well, mr rx7 is from ny, his car at another friends house who also was at the wedding, yet left earlier in the weekend. Upon walking out to the car lot, he realized he never planned to get from the airport to his car. Exhausted from the week, we all juggle some rides and I drive him to get the precious rx! The time you ask, around midnightish. After a 40 minute drive we arrive at his car. Keys?? Um, nope no keys. My friends house, locked. Amazing. The perfect storm of things going wrong. Luckily, he had a spare key in the car. No big deal I will just throw a brick at the window problem solved. I know I know the rx is precious. So, I say dude let's go to my place sleep there, and we will deal with this tomorrow. Simple. Nope, rx7 has a realtor test at 9am. He lives 4 hours away! A few calls to the police, a call to triple A, and shazam the car door is open. By this point I am a bit worked up, and just want to get home. It is now three am. After all of this rx7 pulls from his bag... A bottle of champaign. It was a bottle from our toast that he brought back from jamaica. He said he was going to wait till our one year anniversary to give it to me, yet thought it might be appropriate right now. Basically, just rx7 doing rx7 things, and that is why we love him. I stroll in my house at 4am, and wifey asked what the heck happened. I explained the story, and she almost shed a tear when I produced the champaign.

The champaign you ask? I am pretty sure wifey and I cracked that open on our anniversary. We gave a great toast to rx7 for saving the bottle for us.

Rx7 happened to txt me while I was working on this post, I told him about it... His response:

' bastard...those keys r still international.. .'.

I am sure I will get a stern txt about the picture I posted as well. His is red, I posted a blue one, he could go balistic... I kid I kid..
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Music, guilty pleasures

I am going to own up to it right here and right now. I really enjoy Pink. Yes Pink the artist the singer. I know I know. I have heard it before, but listen her music is really good. Some of the pure pop I can do away with, yet her folky slow raspy stuff is really good. I said it. When the new cd comes out, check it out, skip to number 10 and listen. I have the cd and it is really good. Ok, so also on one of my pandora stations I have: new kids, lfo, tiffany, debbie gibson, nsync, backstreet, bell biv devoe, ralph t, utfo, abc, chris cross,I have em all on there... And I sing along! Oh and one more thing... I like the movie: nottinghill. I am pretty sure I have no secrets left.

Yesterday was wed my day with the beans and she must have read my blog yesterday. She flat out owned me yesterday. Up at 3:30am, I rocked her, gave her some grub, sang some songs, and nothing. She was ready to go. I think we took a quick nap and that was that. I told my wife that the beans clearly does not understand that game one was on that night and I needed to be in tip top form. Phils won, 3 to go. And yes I was at the store buying some brand spanking new phillies gear cause I am a nerd like that, its just how I do.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Real men

It has really come to my attention this past year what being a real man is all about. It took me almost 35 years (I am a bit slow). This morning while making breakfast, getting coffee ready, getting the dishes done, entertaining the beans, and feeding the dog and cat I realized this is what a real man does. He wakes up day to day and makes it happen, while enjoying it. Can I change a flat tire? well, maybe but I would bitch the entire time. can I help with car trouble? nope. Can I build something? Probably not. Construction, ahaha not really my thing. Yet, I can juggle a morning routine like a MOFO. Diapers? Bang, no issue. I have learned more in this past 16 months than I thought I would, I think it hit me one morning about 9 months ago at 4am. The beans woke and it was my turn, she needed some food, and here I was holding her with one arm and making the bottle with the other. I had made it! That is what a real man does. I do mean this in jest, mostly. I suppose I am talking about my personal transformation from a young married man, to a daddy. It is simply the hardest and most rewarding thing I will ever do. I cherish every memory of the past 16 months and try so hard to cherish each moment as I am in it. I sometimes can't help to think about what the future will bring. What kind of woman will the beans be, and then I reel myself back in, and enjoy. Nothing better than waking at three am to the beans saying 'daddy.'. And getting the day started, let the juggling begin!
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Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't ever use the spoon, ever. Its useless. Ok, we maybe the one time per year I have tomato soup. Seriously, the fork is perfect for stiring, for stabbing, scooping, holding while cutting, and heck even cutting or more to the point breaking pieces off. A spoon is only good for soup, and heck if soup is that soupy then you should just drink it anyway. Spoon in your coffee to stir, come on man that's weak, use a stirer or a fork. You have a salad fork and a dinner fork, and one little useless spoon. 99.9% (fact) of the time you pick the fork up first and use it most often. Here is to the fork. Hi hip HOORAY hip hip HOORAY.. I am sitting here trying to think of reasons to use a spoon, so that I have ammo to make fun of the silly spoon and I got nothing. Pathetic spoon.
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I found it, well sort of!

piglet is mine! Well, pooh dressed as piglet to complete my collection for halloween. As it turns out nana and pop pop and the beans were in toys r us, when the beans spotted this little gem... As the story goes, the second beans saw it she began yelling daddy, daddy, daddy-- I guess she knows that I buy them for me and not her. Smart little kid we got there! Just wanted to fill you in, I know you went a few sleepless nights wondering if I would get the piglet- rest easy deer friend, rest easy.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

hey i am visiting Alice check her blog out, it is awesome, really awesome!!

i am over here....yes here... my first guest post...  i am pretty darn excited and very honored, so come and stay awhile.  Read lots and discover what a great blog it is at aliceinaverageland.. read my post and stay awhile and maybe i will tell you why a fork is better than any other utensil!!!!  just maybe ... and also check out my blog roll it is updated a bit.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why I don't like my neighbors

Hang with me here for a second, this might take a bit...

It all happened one summer evening, monday night to be exact. I remember the day, because we had some friends over to watch american gladiators, best show on tv. Wifey was teaching swim, so the beans and I were at home chillin. As dusk began to settle I noticed the house across the street had a car in the drive way with the lights on. At this time two friends stopped over, so I pointed it out to them and it was decided that we should be good neighbors and go knock on the door. After about ten minutes of rock paper scissors wifey got home. As she approached the door I said, hey babe how bout you run across the street and let them know they left some car lights on. Of course she didn't, she laughed and said she was still in her bathing suit and to be a nice neighbor and get over there. Now, I was not dressed the best, pretty sure t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. As I mosey to the house, across the street and up the drive. I hear the car door lock, hmm that's odd. I approach the door, and I hear some shuffling in the house. The tv turns off and the shades close, I knock on the door, no answer. I knock harder, no answer... One more try, no answer. Then I hear the locks lock again. I have lived across the street for over a year, I walk the dog, mow the lawn, shovel the snow, they know me, they have sceen me. I don't talk to them, and they never wave to me, yet they see me all the time. I began to leave again, and hear it again. When the car door locks for a second time I walk back to the door and knock again, nothing. As I make my way back home I see that shades flutter and shut. Gosh. All I do is say, in a loud voice, you left your car lights on! I walk in my front door to roars of laughter, apparently all the lights in the house were turned off and they were watching me the entire time. I know they were not in there having crazy wild monkey sex, because I saw them watching tv thru the window. At this point I am kinda pissed. Did they think I was going to steal the car or steal something from in the car? I have a burning desire to know the answer to that question. Fast forward two and a half months: the guy talks to wifey all the time, and the lady has had coversations with wifey as well. They still won't talk or wave to me, ever. I take the trash out and wave, mow the lawn and wave, walk the dog and wave-- those effffers never wave back. Maybe they know I am not a suburb kid. I am from the city (well NE), 215 represent! Anyway, one of these days my question will be answered, I will know the truth. Jackasses better have some halloween candy this year too... And mow your darn lawn more than once per mont, and patch up your driveway it looks like shit, oh and your front walk needs some work as well... Get to work!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What the h e double hockey sticks

Happened to my garage. I swear it was clean yesterday.... Off today, but working on the neighbor story for tomorrow... Have a great wed. I know I will.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Star wars, halloween

Here we goooooo......

I know its still oct and I usually don't do any shopping for the holidays till at least december. I found myself in toys r us the other day, just inside the front door I see this (pic above). An entire section of the store dedicated to star wars. Pretty darn impressive things in here, including a mask that can change your voice! That actually made me a bit angry, the only way for me to get an authentic, yes authentic, vader voice was to talk into a fan. Now these little punks have a wall of action figures, ships, voice changers, and costumes. When I wanted to be a jawa for halloween I had to find some burlap sacks, some black stockings over my face and those cool glasses with the red lights where the eyes are -- these kids have it all done for them! This year for halloween at pjs house we are putting in effect the shitty costume rule, if you show up not dressed up or dressed poorly, you get shitty candy. If you put some effort into your costume then you get better candy. I am also fully prepared to take this to the nxt level and get some real candy bars, you know the big ones, not the small halloween candy bars. I am gonna get 10 - 20 big daddy candy bars for kids that go above and beyond. Step your game up kiddies, and no crying. Why did jimmy get the big daddy candy bar you ask in a whinny tone? Well, cause jimmy wore a big daddy costume. Yes little michael your costume sucks, so you get a jelly bean. One jelly bean that isn't even wrapped, so it will mess up the entire bag. It will stick to everything, and your parents won't even let you eat it, because it isn't wrapped. Now michael remember this for nxt year... Don't be that kid again. Its call performance pay kiddies get used to it. Oh, and one more thing.. If you are my neighbor from across the street, you better give out candy or you will get a beat down. Heck, wifey and I will even buy the candy for you cheap asses.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Best thing ever.....

I am not sure what you did today or what you saw. Actually, I don't care what you have ever seen, because I have finally found the best thing ever. This little gizmo is the best thing ever, EVER, EVER EVER EVERIST. What you see in this picture above is a bubble/fog/smoke machine. The bubbles that you see are filled with smoke, YES FILLED WITH SMOKE. As in when they pop or are popped they explode in a puff of smoke. I know I have talked about great inventions such as the foreman grill, blackberry, wheelies, bluetooth.... Yeah I get it we are in 2008 and a lot of cool stuff is out there.... These are. SMOKE FILLED BUBBLES. I had to push 4 little kids out of the way just to bust a few, it was nothing short of amazing. What a weekend, what a fabulous weekend. You can pluck these things out of the air, not just a pop, yet a pop and a puff of smoke, AMAZING. I am at a loss for words, I can't even begin to write about the shock and awe... Unbelieveable. A picture is worth a thousand words...
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rope chain!!!

I am sitting at work,( yes on a saturday) thinking about the good old 80s. So much is going on with the economy, the presidential race*, and me working on saturdays that I thought I should talk about something else (like run on sentences, ha). I happened to come upon an old chain, to be more specific, a rope chain. Now this chain is gold and rope style, alas it gets worse it has a charm!! Let me tell you that in 1988 NOTHING was better than a gold rope chain with your favorite sports team on a charm. In this case the phila 76ers** - BANG. Come on I know you remember giving charms to your boy/girl friend for b-day, valentines and x-mas gifts. They certainly were cool. When the olive garden was a high class place to eat, and you could rock the rope chain on the outside of you rayon shirt. I could get into the moon boots, z-cavs, georgio britinis, members only, jams, op... Heck even michael and prince, yet I am sure this has been talked about enough, or at least I will save that for a future post!

* palin is dropping the puck at the flyers game tonight. Should be interesting.
** I still wear it once in a blue moon when I really need to have good luck. Wifey does not approve, yet it is way cool.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Read this!!!

So I am pretty new to this blogger world, and I stumbled upon this today. I read her blog daily, yet today it made me a bit humbled. Just read it and get your own blog started-- yeah you, YOU know who I am talking about...

Not the best link but it works...
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Bad news, really really bad news

Imagine my complete and utter dismay when I hit babies r us to get my winnie dressed as piglet bear--- when they don't effing have it any more... Man am I pissed!!! Errr... I mean the beans will be a bit dissapointed. It was there two weeks ago, I saw it, I held it, I should have bought it.... Wth. I have to admit that I almost shed a tear. I sure do wish I had a more profound post, the economy is in the shitter, the presidential race is very interesting, work sucks, and the eagles look terrible the past few weeks. Alas, all I got is that stupid babies are us didn't have my poo piglet halloween stuffed bear. Seems kind of narrow minded by me, yet I was surely po'ed. Lesson of the day- hesitation kills.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dentist again, awesome

Another day is done and another trip to the dentist. Tooth pulled last week, and a cleaning this week. Well, let me tell you I would much rather have a wisdom tooth pulled than have a cleaning. Along with the cleaning comes the lecture.... Well pj you really need to floss a bit more often, you really should stop by more often, hmm pj haven't seen you for a bit. Are you gaining weight? The last thing that I need is to have you scraping away at my teeth and giving me a lecture the entire time. Not sure if I paid for the lecture or the cleaning. X-ray time is fun as well, let's throw this led vest on you to protect you, yet then we x-ray your head, awesome. Of course you have to leave the room to check the x-rays, or have some coffee, take a little break, watch judge wapner... Whatever you do to make the billable hours a bit higher... Well, when you leave let it be known that I am texting ppl telling them how much I hate you, and snapping pics so that I can blog about your sadist ass when I get to work tomorrow. So enjoy your day, and please don't check my blog in the morning because I hate you!!!!!

Hahah, when I get up after a cleaning my thoughts are.... Boy that really sucked!
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coldish, fall, frost

I was just not ready for this.... Frost on my car this morning! Ok so it really wasn't that bad, I didn't have to chip it off or anything. Still, it adds an extra five minutes to my commute. I have to warm my car up and get wifeys ready to go as well. Now I really enjoy getting her car nice and warmed up for her, its just one of those things I do. It has become much easier for me these past two years.... My car has an automatic starter, which certainly could be one of the greatest inventions of all time. Right up there with the george forman grill, the blackberry, and caffeine. Nothing better than walking to the window at work and starting my car from the inside!!!! If you live in a place where the seasons change and don't have one- then your pimp game is weak, step up.

The other day wifey had a tough day at work and upon arriving home said, ' how come we don't have any beer or wine in the house? I am going to go get some, I will be right back. '. Now we are not big drinkers, but a cold beer or good glass of wine is a great way to end the day. The only thing better could have been if she said... Hey hun I just won a shopping spree at best buy for 2 grand, so why don't you hustle over there and grab some gadgety electronics.

Happy Tuesday, TGIT
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Nothing better, ugh, mondays

Some mondays go smooth and some.....

Everything goes smooth until you get to work. Then you get settled into your little cube, get ready to attack your day. Then you type your password wrong and it locks your computer. The coffee machine over flows because whoever made the coffee didn't check to make sure the cannister was empty before filling it......... Ugh, and now I have someone over nxt to me talking about an ex and ranting and raving and ranting and raving about all kinds of personal information... Keep some things private, some of your stuff, your baggage, we don't need to know. Have some self respect. Pull yourself together. Sorry about the rant, but we all have these ppl in our places of work. It is just too much to handle on some monday mornings, especially after an eagles loss. I feel the need to interject my opinion. I mean if you didn't want me to talk about it with you then clearly you wouldn't be talking about it where I can here you.... Gooooo monday! Hip hip hooooray!

Ps. Coffee lady no longer here, got canned (I think).
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Kitties, animals, big bro

I am just going to put it all out there today. Some of you who know me might know this story already, yet here goes....

I have a big brother let's call him, chewie (as in star wars). Chewie is 3 years older than me and I am not sure exactly when he did this to me, yet he convinced me that if I close my eyes and grind my teeth that animals will be able to hear me when I think.... So, basically I could talk to the animals a la dr. Doolittle, all I had to do was close my eyes really tight, grind my teeth, and think about what I want to say to all the animals. Try it. Once in a blue moon the dog will get up and grab that ball that you wanted him to grab. Even a blind squirrel ... Well you know. To this day I catch myself doing this every now and then. It just stinks when you had your wisdom tooth removed.... HAHAhahaha, yep I did it yesterday. I think my brother must have ingrained this into my brain, he must have whispered it in my ear as I slept. I am brain washed.. Thanks big bro, thanks a lot!

And herrrre we go -- yesterday, the mighty and the beans and I went for our evening stroll. No wifey she had to go to school for parents night or something or another. As the fam and I are coming close to home-- I see a lady (who we see a lot, but I don't know her name) who is wheelchair bound who always walks her dog around the same time as we do. We always say hello, but try to keep our distance because her dog goes bonkers when it sees the mighty. Yesterday was no normal day - she was screaming her dogs name (which I didn't get) and I noticed that she had dropped the leash. I had to help! Here I am beans in the stroller, mighty on his leash... I turn and cross the street in her general direction, do I leave beans here (it is our neighborhood and safe), do I tie the mighty to the stroller? As I speed up I notice my shoe untie and become very loose, sweet! Now my jeans are a bit loose as well (I am between belt sizes which always sucks, either too tight or too loose). Here I am up over the nxt curb dragging the mighty, jeans around my butt, one shoe off, attempting to make it to the lady in the scooter chasing her dog. If you have a dog you know that you should go the other way when your dog gets loose as he will chase you....... Right now I think about grinding my teeth and telling the dog to back to his owner.. I have a full blown conversation in my head if this will work or not and if I should actually do it or not... Well, I do and it sucks cause my tooth is killing me... Now, this all happens with me moving about 5 feet, and I start to laugh at myself for actually doing the tooth grind. I am now chasing this lady, family in tow and laughing at myself. Also, having another conversation with myself about how ppl who see me might think I am laughing at the lady chasing the dog in her scooter, not good. As I get serious and stop laughing I look up to see how much faster I have to step it up to catch up - BANG, the dog jumps on her lap!!!! I can't believe my teeth grind worked!!!! I am the dog whisperer! This is nothing short of a miracle. Whew.. All of this happened in less than one minute, and boy am I glad that I didn't have to run any further.... I was due to take a header at any second.... Thanks chewie, you saved me. Good lookin out big bro!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seriously!?!?, yep that's mine

Just had to do it and ask to keep my tooth. It is after all a wisdom tooth!!!!!! I need all the wisdom I can get.
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Dentist, I love it, you love it....

Nothing better than sitting in the waiting room at the dentist. Oh wait, how bout sitting in the waiting room with a crown that is cracked in half.... Can't wait for them to ask how it happened.... Well I was chewing a soft, anyway...

Update from the chair: seems that my crown is not toatlly wrecked, but it will be better to get rid of it and start fresh. Why am I writing this now? Because they took x rays of my wisdom tooth (yes I still have those) and might want to take that out... Nice! So they are in the back talking it over and I am sitting in the chair typing away....

Actually they asked my preference, and after 10 seconds of thought...

Ok its a go...

Skip a few hours ahead...and here I am on my nice sofa with a frozen bag of peas on my face. It isn't so bad, but I only got one pulled. I can certainly see how 4 would be rough. Let's hope I am G to G tomorrow, gotta work those phones!
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