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Friday, October 10, 2008

Bad news, really really bad news

Imagine my complete and utter dismay when I hit babies r us to get my winnie dressed as piglet bear--- when they don't effing have it any more... Man am I pissed!!! Errr... I mean the beans will be a bit dissapointed. It was there two weeks ago, I saw it, I held it, I should have bought it.... Wth. I have to admit that I almost shed a tear. I sure do wish I had a more profound post, the economy is in the shitter, the presidential race is very interesting, work sucks, and the eagles look terrible the past few weeks. Alas, all I got is that stupid babies are us didn't have my poo piglet halloween stuffed bear. Seems kind of narrow minded by me, yet I was surely po'ed. Lesson of the day- hesitation kills.
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