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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Real men

It has really come to my attention this past year what being a real man is all about. It took me almost 35 years (I am a bit slow). This morning while making breakfast, getting coffee ready, getting the dishes done, entertaining the beans, and feeding the dog and cat I realized this is what a real man does. He wakes up day to day and makes it happen, while enjoying it. Can I change a flat tire? well, maybe but I would bitch the entire time. can I help with car trouble? nope. Can I build something? Probably not. Construction, ahaha not really my thing. Yet, I can juggle a morning routine like a MOFO. Diapers? Bang, no issue. I have learned more in this past 16 months than I thought I would, I think it hit me one morning about 9 months ago at 4am. The beans woke and it was my turn, she needed some food, and here I was holding her with one arm and making the bottle with the other. I had made it! That is what a real man does. I do mean this in jest, mostly. I suppose I am talking about my personal transformation from a young married man, to a daddy. It is simply the hardest and most rewarding thing I will ever do. I cherish every memory of the past 16 months and try so hard to cherish each moment as I am in it. I sometimes can't help to think about what the future will bring. What kind of woman will the beans be, and then I reel myself back in, and enjoy. Nothing better than waking at three am to the beans saying 'daddy.'. And getting the day started, let the juggling begin!
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Tova Darling said...

I love this! It's nice to see a real man blogging. :) Have a great day!

ÄsK AliCë said...

Great post :) My sister's hubby is a fabulous father to a new (14 month old) daughter as well - this is a good reminder that there are great men out there!

Narm said...

Good post. I can't wait to have kids. I mean...I CAN 10 more years...but I see the joy that it WILL bring.

Congrats on being more of a man than 95% out there.

brookem said...

who's the man!? what a great post.