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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dentist again, awesome

Another day is done and another trip to the dentist. Tooth pulled last week, and a cleaning this week. Well, let me tell you I would much rather have a wisdom tooth pulled than have a cleaning. Along with the cleaning comes the lecture.... Well pj you really need to floss a bit more often, you really should stop by more often, hmm pj haven't seen you for a bit. Are you gaining weight? The last thing that I need is to have you scraping away at my teeth and giving me a lecture the entire time. Not sure if I paid for the lecture or the cleaning. X-ray time is fun as well, let's throw this led vest on you to protect you, yet then we x-ray your head, awesome. Of course you have to leave the room to check the x-rays, or have some coffee, take a little break, watch judge wapner... Whatever you do to make the billable hours a bit higher... Well, when you leave let it be known that I am texting ppl telling them how much I hate you, and snapping pics so that I can blog about your sadist ass when I get to work tomorrow. So enjoy your day, and please don't check my blog in the morning because I hate you!!!!!

Hahah, when I get up after a cleaning my thoughts are.... Boy that really sucked!
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