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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The one where I talk about work...

I am not really sure where to begin on this one... My work environment sucks! I work in a very competitive sales force. We don't really compete with each other as much as we compete to keep our jobs. We are ranked in many different ways: inbound sales, outbound sales, closing percentage, time at our desk vs time away from our desk, up sell numbers, down sell numbers (yes we have a downsell quota, idiots). These numbers are e-mailed to us twice daily, and are rotating on flat screen tvs strewn throughout the sales floor. You can't escape the numbers, ever. The competition to keep your job is fierce. They fire ppl for not making the quota, miss one month and you have to make up for what you missed plus the nxt months quota or your fired. No questions asked. If you are in the bottom 10 percent closing percentage for the year, and also part of the bottom 10 percent for any two months, your fired. Now the key to the last one is that you don't know exactly where you are until two weeks before you get canned. They only notify who the bottom 10 percent is... Crazy... And each month more people are let go, and the bottom 10 percent gets closer and closer. I can see the confusion on your face. Seems like they are flirting with the ethics line a bit, and yes they are! Wait wait wait, I just got an e-mail with my favorite quota. Number of leads captured. When you don't sell the program you are judged on how much info you can get from that person before they get off the phone. Awesome. I have a non buyer on the phone and I need to waste time getting info before moving on. Late 6 times, fired. Leave early 6 times, fired. Use an hour more than your vaca time, fired. Well, I guess you are beginning to understand. I have to go hit some quotas. Not to mention, I am not allowed to have a cell phone out, let alone blog at work. I have so much more to say about this, yet in due time. In due time. Why am I still here? The money was worth it. Key word ' was .'

Side notes:

Phillies game on delay for a bit, maybe I can get some sleep tonight.

Its snowing in philly right now. Oct 28th. Wtf.

I can't wait to throw rocks at my neighbors house when they turn the lights off on halloween!
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Dolce said...

Uh...I thought I had bad jobs before (being in sales myself) but this is the worst thing I have EVER heard! How can you honestly concentrate getting numbers sent to you twice a day? I would lost my shit. I travel a lot for work...30+ weeks a year. It's not fun, but the money is so good it's hard to walk away.

Or so I thought. The more I travel, the more time I spend away from home, the more weekends I'm forced to stay in hotels in bango country USA, the more I realize the money isn't worth it. I'm willing to take a 50% pay cut just so I can spend my nights at home.

It's strange how a couple years and a little experience can change you.