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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little drizzle

A nice morning commute with a little morning drizzle. Up at 5am for a few miles on the treadmill. Enough on my mind to keep me busy for 45 minutes of going straight staring at the same thing. 2 hours and twenty minutes later off to work to put in my time card and make something happen. Passing the packed parking lots of Starbucks and McDonalds wondering if this recession is hitting everyone? I left my ladies at home in bed, the beans asking if I could stay home today. Not today little one not today. You will have a great Mommy day! The rain you ask. Ha. The rain is nothing for Mommy, she will make your day amazing rain or no rain. Pulling into my spot I turn the wipers off and watch the rain drops collect on the windshield, and with a deep breath I step out of the car to attack the day.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drive home

The sun is beating down on my left eye and I need to wince just a bit to block it out. It seems almost foggy out there, yet I think all I see is a bit of smudge on my windshield left over from a week of non use on my car. The radio is loud and I don't hear anything clearly. Just a bass line and a drum beat. My head bobing for no particular reason. My eyes are heavy from glaring at my computer screen all day, I am hazy, I am foggy, it is my Monday daze that I am going to shake off before I get home to see my ladies.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Back on the grid

Vacation is officially over and it is back to the grind. We did Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and vacation up big time. I am simply amazed at the beans everyday. Her vocabulary and speaking abilitity has skyrocketed in the past month and each day when I talk to her and watch her I can't believe how big she has gotten. She is litterally a little person now and it blows my mind. She says whatver comes to her mind. I love how two year olds have no filter, no problem talking about bunnies at breakfast or where pee pee and poo poo come from, hilarious. Vacation was fabulous to be able to spend a full week with the family and just hang out and do our thing! Beanie attacked the rides at Busch Gardens, she was not affraid to do anything and seemed pretty bored on the little kiddie rides. The two days that we did the rides she feel asleep in the park, it is a hard day in the sun and doing all of those rides. She was up every night till about ten, and was a real trooper. Daddy didn't even get done one book, and read no blogs and wrote nothing at all. All worth it. Fantastic week.

No new car yet, still working on the options.

Think I gained about 4 lbs over the past week. It is time to make a commitment to myself to get in the best shape of my life. I am in pretty good shape, yet would love to be mowing the lawn shirtless this time next year.
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Friday, July 10, 2009

What do you think....

I have really come to realize that when you are old, married, and have a kid you lose some friends. I suppose it is just the life style change from going out at 8pm at night to having to be in at 8pm. I also think that with a child you are more or less stuck in a close proximity to the house. Now I am not saying that we never go out, because we do. We are all over the place. I am simply stating that when you are a young married couple you do what you want when you want, and maybe what you want is to not hang out with a little kid.

On my Thursday drive home, and all I can think about is one more day of work till the weekend. One day of the weekend and I am friggin off for vacation. Heading to the Va to do some historic stuff, wineries, hang at the pool, and hit up Busch Gardens for some fun. My concentration level is poor at best. I will be bringing the laptop and ready read lots of blogs and start my catching up. I also intend to rip thru a few books, gosh I miss vacation. Cross your fingers that the beans understands the word vacation = rest.

A sunny Friday and I am off to work, for the last day in a week. This time next week I will be tan, rested, more well read, and complaining that I only have two more days of vacation left. Happy Friday yall.

Anyone out there doing the P90x?
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Caught in a rut....

The world of sales is filled with peaks and valleys. You have to know the sour to get to know the sweet. Right now the taste is pretty sour. A cyclical sales cycle is rough. Certain seasons people are buying and certain seasons you are calling, and calling and calling for no apparent reason. Building the foundation to the house. These are the days that I sit at my desk pressing to make more calls, to due more mining for better leads, to ask better questions, to be persistant. A rolling stone gathers no moss. I hear no no no all day long and have relized that no really means not now. Keep working on it PJ. Keep your nose to the grind stone and keep on keeping on... Keeping FILOing it! First In Last Out is the way to the top. Work smarter and harder. Do it to it.

Ha, that should get me thru the day and to my 3 day weekend!
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