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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Caught in a rut....

The world of sales is filled with peaks and valleys. You have to know the sour to get to know the sweet. Right now the taste is pretty sour. A cyclical sales cycle is rough. Certain seasons people are buying and certain seasons you are calling, and calling and calling for no apparent reason. Building the foundation to the house. These are the days that I sit at my desk pressing to make more calls, to due more mining for better leads, to ask better questions, to be persistant. A rolling stone gathers no moss. I hear no no no all day long and have relized that no really means not now. Keep working on it PJ. Keep your nose to the grind stone and keep on keeping on... Keeping FILOing it! First In Last Out is the way to the top. Work smarter and harder. Do it to it.

Ha, that should get me thru the day and to my 3 day weekend!
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Jess said...

Hope you relax and have fun this weekend!! I feel you deserve it :)