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Friday, July 10, 2009

What do you think....

I have really come to realize that when you are old, married, and have a kid you lose some friends. I suppose it is just the life style change from going out at 8pm at night to having to be in at 8pm. I also think that with a child you are more or less stuck in a close proximity to the house. Now I am not saying that we never go out, because we do. We are all over the place. I am simply stating that when you are a young married couple you do what you want when you want, and maybe what you want is to not hang out with a little kid.

On my Thursday drive home, and all I can think about is one more day of work till the weekend. One day of the weekend and I am friggin off for vacation. Heading to the Va to do some historic stuff, wineries, hang at the pool, and hit up Busch Gardens for some fun. My concentration level is poor at best. I will be bringing the laptop and ready read lots of blogs and start my catching up. I also intend to rip thru a few books, gosh I miss vacation. Cross your fingers that the beans understands the word vacation = rest.

A sunny Friday and I am off to work, for the last day in a week. This time next week I will be tan, rested, more well read, and complaining that I only have two more days of vacation left. Happy Friday yall.

Anyone out there doing the P90x?
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Jess said...

I hope you have an awesome vacation!! Enjoy relaxing :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation!!