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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Twitter, blogging, cars, safety

Hmmmm, so I can't talk on my phone (without a headset) while driving. Well, it just seems odd that I can- txt, try to figure out twitter, log onto my facebook, blog post-- yeah pretty much whatever I want to do that is internet related. Safety first kiddies, both hands are used for steering! 3 and 6 o'clock, hand over hand. Put down that blackberry and log off of the internet. Just seems odd to me. Pretty soon the law will state no internet while driving, wonder how that will be inforced. And no I still haven't figured out twitter. But I have commented on another blog, babysteps ppl, babysteps.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Work, career, hype man, rapper

I am 35 years old. I finally figured out what I would like to be when I grow up, as in now. I was thinking a rapper, I can't spit fire (rhyme well), and I am no lyracist. Hence, I figure that I can be the ' hype' man. You know, the third or fourth guy in a rap group. I can be the flava flav to your chuck D. I think he is the only well known hype man (I am sure he isn't). Basically, I am on the stage yelling into the microphone saying things like: put your hands in the air, let me hear you say--hoooo, and shout out dance instructions. Everybody jump, put your hands up, wave em side to side!!!! (Notice the exclamations for HYPE!!!). Yeah yeah what what, see its not that hard. If anyone knows a rap group who is looking for a mid 30s hype man with no experience send them my way.
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daddy, babysit, park,

I read something over at the other day that kinda set me off. The daddy - babysitting thing. Now I am not a stay at home dad (it would be great if I could) nor do I usually match my daughters hair clips with her outfit. Heck, I do my best to make sure I get her hair done, and her shoes to match. I have had ppl say things to me like, oh its daddies day to babysit, oh is daddy playing mommy today. Well, sometimes I want to flip the eff out and explain.. I am the dad, I don't babysit MY child, I father my child. I could however babysit your snot nosed kid. Not sure why ppl (mostly women might I add) feel the need to try and talk down to the dads out there who spend time with their kids, alone. And yes, babysitter, is talking down. Babysitter is the young teenager who comes to the house for two hours on a friday night. Babysitter is not the dad that spends as much time as possible with his daughter. Babysitter is derogatory to a father. So, get it straight and maybe say something like, oh what a great dad. Oh look at this dad, he left his easy job to raise his daughter, that is very commendable. Work is easy, raising children is not. Wed. is my day. I am home on wed, I cherish those wednesdays that I get to babysit. Ugh, idiots. Just to get this straight dads are dads. Babysitters are babysitters. another thing, its not mr. Mom. Just because it was a movie title does not mean you should use it. Try dad or father, we have earned it.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TV, quality time, family, stress,

How big of a house do you need? I always ponder that question. I go to some houses that have montrous rooms, wait, too many monstrous rooms. A room for this, a room for that, a playroom for each kid. Flat screen tvs, plasmas, new furniture, wonderful decor. How much is enough. I truly believe that each individual can make the money to have all of those things-- you just have to pay for it in hours away from the family. Now don't get me wrong, I know some ppl have all of that and time to spare, bless those ppl. I on the other hand I can work my tail off to get those things, material things. At what cost? You have to achieve a balance, rod tidwell said it the best.. Its not about the coin, you need the kwon.. I am rambling a bit, I know. I just debate this each day and my thoughts get all jumbled up, and change almost daily. I am cube bound most of the day, alas by 4pm I am home and taking a walk with my wife and daughter, which is invaluable to me. Maybe I always thought that I had to get a job that I didn't like and work there for 30 years (thx dad, good example).. Is it possible to have a job you like and still make the money you need? What is your time worth? Well, I am still pretty confused, as usual. I am only 35 I have plenty of time to figure out what I want to do with my life...but the click is ticking 24 hrs 7 days per week.. Tic toc tic toc.

Yes the tv is a necessity.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sea de cubes, cubehell, cube-a-licious

I sit here in my cube.
My life sucking cube.
A cube of dissaster.
Just one cube in a row of cubes, a sea of cubes.
A small cube in a big pond.
A cube with no name. Halfwall cube.
My cute little cube.
A cube in the middle of no-where.
I am cubeless with out a cause.
All cubed up with nowhere to go.
Cubeless in philadelphia
The cube, the cube, the cube is on fire, we don't need no water let the.....
As a great man once said - More cubes more problems

The most creativity I have had all day is the moment I decided to hit the return key after each line. Yep, that's it. My biggest decision of the day. Paragraph or one liners....aaaaarrrgh.... What to do, what to do? It is a tough life of a cuber, and the lowest cuber of em all..... I almost can't say it--i am, a saturday am cuber. Oh yeah, its out there. I cube on saturdays! Hunched over at my desk typing away on my crackberry... Hitting my new addiction, blogging. Blogging from the cube on a sat am. BANG. Actually, it is afternoon by now, I am just in my own little cuberfog that sets in on saturdays... It is thick and knocks your senses askew. I shake my head, and say ' come on pj get in the game '. The cuberfog has over taken me. I think it is sat?!?! I hope someone tells me when it is time to leave. Well, enjoy your day out there. I can see you running on the grass, having your picnics, eating ice cream, frolicking (sp), playing games and having fun-- I see you. I am not bitter by any means.... HAHAHA, I said to myself as I wrote that - I AM BITTER REALLY REALLY BITTER. Go cubers go!! Who cubes on sat, I cube on saturdays, Hoooo put your hands in the air and raise em like you just don't care... Currently, I am raising the roof in my cube- that is how I do it. I am going to start a cube wave in a half hour, it is going to be cuberriffic! Maybe I will start a cubnoxious chain e-mail-- soon my friends I will be out there with you, very soon.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Vino, friends and family, sixers

The end of summer blues!

Ahhh the end of august. For some reason sept just signals snow, ice, cold, an end of fun as we know it. Back yard dinners with a nice glass of vino will be no more. Bbqs with friends and family, sitting on the deck, cool breezes, cold drinks, yard work, flowers, birds, fireflies.... All gone. Ha, a little melodramatic you say? No way jose. I think it is built into our system spanning from the start of school, sept was and is bad. Nothing you do will break that habit. You work 60 hours a week, so what summers over. Your a teacher and have off all summer, well its over - BANG, september is here get in the game. You were on vacation, not any more sept is here. I know I am giving sept a bad rep, but seriously halloween decorations/costumes are out alreay. Its the end of aug ppl, where is Santa (notice the caps, I don't cap much but hey its Santa)... Its fall already break out the rustic colors-- who cares if its 90 degrees out. Sept? You talking about sept? *** . School is cool, and even if I haven't had a ' summer ' for, hmm, oh golly, no way it has been that long- 13 years (since PSU, more caps). Geez, I am getting old. Alas, summer, just the word makes me smile. September, not so much. Doom and gloom. Might as well be october already.....

Oh the sixers cup?

It is pretty old, but this just could be a big year for the sixers. A few good signings, and a bit of hope. I'll hold onto that hope, well atleast till the iggles start then I will forget all about the sixers for a few glorious months called football season. Go birds.

** practice? We talking bout practice? Not a game, but practice? (Greatest philly interview of all time!)
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turtle, Sammy, criminals

Here is a little story that I gotta tell *

The legend of sammy the turtle.
I lived on eastwood street, yes as in clint, a small little NE rowhome. Two doors down lived sammy, a young boy of maybe five or six. Sammy was a little, let's say, chubby. He had really short hair, almost bald, and big chunky cheeks. Sammy smiled non stop, and always yelled ' hi ' everytime he saw anyone. If I close my eyes I can still hear him, and it brings a smile to my face. Now, I never saw sammy away from his house, rarely out of his house, mostly sammy yelled ' hi ' from his living room window. Well, my girlfriend at the time (now wifey) took a liking to sammy and talked with him almost daily. I just assume he said ' hi ' a lot and she did all the talking... Any who. We moved. We missed sammy! Sammy was always there, always reliable, always greeting us with a big smlie and ' hi .' While out getting some errands done we walked thru the lawn section of some store or ho-pot and saw a lawn ornament- a turtle that looked exactly like sammy. I had to have him, sammy was back! Each day when leaving for work I said goodbye to sammy and when I came home sammy was always first to greet me, as usual. Sammy is special, unwavering always smiling. Well, one night, I assume dark and stormy, with evil in the air some young heathen/criminals must have been double dog dared to run up my driveway and pilfer sammy. Aaarrrgg, I know he put up a good fight, as much as any other ornament could have done (he did have a weapon, a shovel, sammy was a hard worker) I know how serious a double dog dare is, but honestly don't mess with a mans lawn oraments- it is just not right. What you see in the picture is sammy #3, a far cry from sammy number one, yet still the first one to greet me when I arrive home. I hope sammy 1 has learned more words in the past few years. I wish him well. I will never forget him. Sammy 2, I can just imagine you standing, smiling, wielding that shovel with honor. Stand tight good buddy I will find you. Sammy 3, thanks for filling in, you are great.. You don't stand up like the other sammies, you don't smile, you don't have a shovel, you don't spray ppl with the hose from inside of the house (true story), and you don't say ' hi .'. Yet, we are honored to have you, see you soon.

Note: the day sammy was discovered ' missing ' uncle G happened to be at the house the evening before-- just saying that's all.

* beasties, paul revere.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Uncle G, bert and ernie, captain destruct-O

A quick note from captain destruct-O (my daugther 15 months) to uncle G (bastard).

Dear uncle G,

I want to thank you so much for the wondeful gifts that you bring me everytime that you stop by the crib (literally, not just slang for house). The puffy fish, the pool, the dog that talks are all such wonderful gifts. Your the best, uncle G, the best. Also, I would love to say thanks for cutting mommy and daddies hair, oh and pop pops as well. Again UG you are the best. But!!!!!! This bert and ernie thing scares the effing shit out of me! What the hell were you thinking buying a conjoined bert and ernie head, what the hell happened to the boddies?!? The darn thing shakes and says WEEEEEE. As if that is fun for either one of them. Again, it scares the baaageeezes out of me, and mighty apollo attacks the two headed monster whenever it comes out as well. Picture this, I am terrified as bert and ernie scream WEEE and then the mighty one comes at me growling with foam forming at the mouth which is kinda funny/scary at the same time. I think that sesame street is now off limits as I freeze like a deer in headlights when I see bert and/or ernie. Thanks again UG you bastard! Your still the best though.

Miss ya,

Captain destruct-O

Ps. I think mommy and daddy think its funny.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Humble pie, puppychow, mighty apollo

I don't care who you are, where you live, if you have an iphone or not, what type of car you drive, I don't care if you are the president or michael vick (ok that was in poor taste)- I just don't care. Nothing will dish out a nice hot delicious slice of humble pie like waiting for your dog to poo just so you can pick it up. I don't care if your dog is THE MIGHTY APOLLO, puppychow, spike, cujo, or even lassie (well maybe he cleans up after himself) you need to scoop the poop! If you are one of those non scoopers, shame on you-- shame, shame, shame get the scooper and bag it. Even if you have a goat, let's call him goatychow, scoop that too! I have spent many a time just waiting; joggers notice, drivers by notice, bikers notice, ppl in the houses notice the look on your face as you wait- humble pie! The only salvation you get is from the occasional dog walker who gives you the nod, the ' big ups ' the low wave, the look that says- I too have scooped the poop. The last trip at night is the most important-- last call-- its dark, its cold, and its the last and sometimes the longest. If you don't stay out long enough and don't get that poo, you know that you will be out there in a few hours, awaken from a delightful sleep to scoop some poop. Humble pie.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cell phones, oldies, radio stations

I would like to apologize up front for the following rants. First, just to let everyone out there know the year is 2008!!! Everyone has a cell phone, everyone. My 80 year old nana included. Moving on, all cell phones have caller Id, all of them! Please do not call and leave a msg saying " its me, call me back.". The idea of caller I'd, is that you have already been identified. I will see that you called, and I will call you back if I want or when I can. Don't make me listen to a msg asking me to call you back. I understand you called for a reason, and I will get back to you. The idea of leaving a msg is to tell me something important, and actually I really don't need to hear your voice, send me a txt. If you can't txt, get a new phone and upgrade your plan. Pretty simple. Also, before you ' it's me' me make sure you are on the ' it's me ' list, if you have to ask yourself if you are on the list, then you aren't so don't ' it's me ' me. Second, I am wondering at what point I have to start listening to oldies music? I grew up listening to hip hop, and delve into country or whatever else is out there from time to time. I suppose my question is: will my oldies 106.7, be playing biggie and tupac? Seriously, when I tune to my oldies and my kids are saying come on dad do we have to listen to tribe called quest today? Dad, are you putting on that special ed cd again? You get what I am saying, right? It just seems odd... I suppose the oldies stations will be old skool stations or something like that. Hmm, makes me wonder why the 80s stations are not in full swing or that disco is not blaring from all those mini vans. It seems the young kids ( those pesky teenagers) are blasting hendrix, dylan and the moody blues not the ppl who grew up with it. Or do I have to be a closet hip hopper? I understand that the kids shouldn't listen to some nwa, or 2 live crew, epmd or bdp, but does that mean I have to go to manilow? I am vexed by this! I think I have to switch over at some point. -- I guess james blunt, the dixi chicks, dave matthews, timmy, kenny, indigo girls, david grey-- funny to think these are safe choices. Don't get me wrong eric b and rakim will never be out of my cd player, ipod or computer--EVER.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So, I began my day looking at my keyboard blankley (like most days). I saw in the top left corner reading from left to right.... QWERTY..... Holy smokes!! Now it all makes sense. I am slow on the uptake sometimes, however this time I would have to say really really effing slow. I have known that my keyboard on my curve was QWERTY, and very cool! But, gosh it sure took me a bit to figure it out, now I feel the need to tell everyone that I know about this most profound revelation. I get some ppl who call me an idiot for pointing out the basics, and some ppl who, like I, are finally at ease. I see it in their faces--- QWERTY--- BANG now I've got it. No thanks needed, just doing my part!
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