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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Humble pie, puppychow, mighty apollo

I don't care who you are, where you live, if you have an iphone or not, what type of car you drive, I don't care if you are the president or michael vick (ok that was in poor taste)- I just don't care. Nothing will dish out a nice hot delicious slice of humble pie like waiting for your dog to poo just so you can pick it up. I don't care if your dog is THE MIGHTY APOLLO, puppychow, spike, cujo, or even lassie (well maybe he cleans up after himself) you need to scoop the poop! If you are one of those non scoopers, shame on you-- shame, shame, shame get the scooper and bag it. Even if you have a goat, let's call him goatychow, scoop that too! I have spent many a time just waiting; joggers notice, drivers by notice, bikers notice, ppl in the houses notice the look on your face as you wait- humble pie! The only salvation you get is from the occasional dog walker who gives you the nod, the ' big ups ' the low wave, the look that says- I too have scooped the poop. The last trip at night is the most important-- last call-- its dark, its cold, and its the last and sometimes the longest. If you don't stay out long enough and don't get that poo, you know that you will be out there in a few hours, awaken from a delightful sleep to scoop some poop. Humble pie.
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Chewie said...

Do you do that thing when the dog is poppin' a squat where you look any where but at the dog. People that watch the push are just a bit off center.
Did you ever go to bag it and see some thing you thought you lost?
"Damn there's that ring!"
So I suppose there is a value of item verse wicked nasty experience thing that goes on in ones head.
Like one time my doge ate a box of crayons and her poo was like a waxy color rainbow and I thought I really don't need those any more. Or like when she ate my Chewbacca action figure and just had to let him go. (I have to say I was a bit sad to see Chewie in such a state.)
There was a ring and I did look but I really don't want to talk about it. But I would say my distaste to doggie poo smells is over powered at some where around $200.


Chewie said...
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pj said...

Good to see that your cut off is reasonable. If it was 5 bucks I would be worried about you.