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Friday, August 22, 2008

Vino, friends and family, sixers

The end of summer blues!

Ahhh the end of august. For some reason sept just signals snow, ice, cold, an end of fun as we know it. Back yard dinners with a nice glass of vino will be no more. Bbqs with friends and family, sitting on the deck, cool breezes, cold drinks, yard work, flowers, birds, fireflies.... All gone. Ha, a little melodramatic you say? No way jose. I think it is built into our system spanning from the start of school, sept was and is bad. Nothing you do will break that habit. You work 60 hours a week, so what summers over. Your a teacher and have off all summer, well its over - BANG, september is here get in the game. You were on vacation, not any more sept is here. I know I am giving sept a bad rep, but seriously halloween decorations/costumes are out alreay. Its the end of aug ppl, where is Santa (notice the caps, I don't cap much but hey its Santa)... Its fall already break out the rustic colors-- who cares if its 90 degrees out. Sept? You talking about sept? *** . School is cool, and even if I haven't had a ' summer ' for, hmm, oh golly, no way it has been that long- 13 years (since PSU, more caps). Geez, I am getting old. Alas, summer, just the word makes me smile. September, not so much. Doom and gloom. Might as well be october already.....

Oh the sixers cup?

It is pretty old, but this just could be a big year for the sixers. A few good signings, and a bit of hope. I'll hold onto that hope, well atleast till the iggles start then I will forget all about the sixers for a few glorious months called football season. Go birds.

** practice? We talking bout practice? Not a game, but practice? (Greatest philly interview of all time!)
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