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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sea de cubes, cubehell, cube-a-licious

I sit here in my cube.
My life sucking cube.
A cube of dissaster.
Just one cube in a row of cubes, a sea of cubes.
A small cube in a big pond.
A cube with no name. Halfwall cube.
My cute little cube.
A cube in the middle of no-where.
I am cubeless with out a cause.
All cubed up with nowhere to go.
Cubeless in philadelphia
The cube, the cube, the cube is on fire, we don't need no water let the.....
As a great man once said - More cubes more problems

The most creativity I have had all day is the moment I decided to hit the return key after each line. Yep, that's it. My biggest decision of the day. Paragraph or one liners....aaaaarrrgh.... What to do, what to do? It is a tough life of a cuber, and the lowest cuber of em all..... I almost can't say it--i am, a saturday am cuber. Oh yeah, its out there. I cube on saturdays! Hunched over at my desk typing away on my crackberry... Hitting my new addiction, blogging. Blogging from the cube on a sat am. BANG. Actually, it is afternoon by now, I am just in my own little cuberfog that sets in on saturdays... It is thick and knocks your senses askew. I shake my head, and say ' come on pj get in the game '. The cuberfog has over taken me. I think it is sat?!?! I hope someone tells me when it is time to leave. Well, enjoy your day out there. I can see you running on the grass, having your picnics, eating ice cream, frolicking (sp), playing games and having fun-- I see you. I am not bitter by any means.... HAHAHA, I said to myself as I wrote that - I AM BITTER REALLY REALLY BITTER. Go cubers go!! Who cubes on sat, I cube on saturdays, Hoooo put your hands in the air and raise em like you just don't care... Currently, I am raising the roof in my cube- that is how I do it. I am going to start a cube wave in a half hour, it is going to be cuberriffic! Maybe I will start a cubnoxious chain e-mail-- soon my friends I will be out there with you, very soon.
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