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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turtle, Sammy, criminals

Here is a little story that I gotta tell *

The legend of sammy the turtle.
I lived on eastwood street, yes as in clint, a small little NE rowhome. Two doors down lived sammy, a young boy of maybe five or six. Sammy was a little, let's say, chubby. He had really short hair, almost bald, and big chunky cheeks. Sammy smiled non stop, and always yelled ' hi ' everytime he saw anyone. If I close my eyes I can still hear him, and it brings a smile to my face. Now, I never saw sammy away from his house, rarely out of his house, mostly sammy yelled ' hi ' from his living room window. Well, my girlfriend at the time (now wifey) took a liking to sammy and talked with him almost daily. I just assume he said ' hi ' a lot and she did all the talking... Any who. We moved. We missed sammy! Sammy was always there, always reliable, always greeting us with a big smlie and ' hi .' While out getting some errands done we walked thru the lawn section of some store or ho-pot and saw a lawn ornament- a turtle that looked exactly like sammy. I had to have him, sammy was back! Each day when leaving for work I said goodbye to sammy and when I came home sammy was always first to greet me, as usual. Sammy is special, unwavering always smiling. Well, one night, I assume dark and stormy, with evil in the air some young heathen/criminals must have been double dog dared to run up my driveway and pilfer sammy. Aaarrrgg, I know he put up a good fight, as much as any other ornament could have done (he did have a weapon, a shovel, sammy was a hard worker) I know how serious a double dog dare is, but honestly don't mess with a mans lawn oraments- it is just not right. What you see in the picture is sammy #3, a far cry from sammy number one, yet still the first one to greet me when I arrive home. I hope sammy 1 has learned more words in the past few years. I wish him well. I will never forget him. Sammy 2, I can just imagine you standing, smiling, wielding that shovel with honor. Stand tight good buddy I will find you. Sammy 3, thanks for filling in, you are great.. You don't stand up like the other sammies, you don't smile, you don't have a shovel, you don't spray ppl with the hose from inside of the house (true story), and you don't say ' hi .'. Yet, we are honored to have you, see you soon.

Note: the day sammy was discovered ' missing ' uncle G happened to be at the house the evening before-- just saying that's all.

* beasties, paul revere.
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