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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daddy, babysit, park,

I read something over at the other day that kinda set me off. The daddy - babysitting thing. Now I am not a stay at home dad (it would be great if I could) nor do I usually match my daughters hair clips with her outfit. Heck, I do my best to make sure I get her hair done, and her shoes to match. I have had ppl say things to me like, oh its daddies day to babysit, oh is daddy playing mommy today. Well, sometimes I want to flip the eff out and explain.. I am the dad, I don't babysit MY child, I father my child. I could however babysit your snot nosed kid. Not sure why ppl (mostly women might I add) feel the need to try and talk down to the dads out there who spend time with their kids, alone. And yes, babysitter, is talking down. Babysitter is the young teenager who comes to the house for two hours on a friday night. Babysitter is not the dad that spends as much time as possible with his daughter. Babysitter is derogatory to a father. So, get it straight and maybe say something like, oh what a great dad. Oh look at this dad, he left his easy job to raise his daughter, that is very commendable. Work is easy, raising children is not. Wed. is my day. I am home on wed, I cherish those wednesdays that I get to babysit. Ugh, idiots. Just to get this straight dads are dads. Babysitters are babysitters. another thing, its not mr. Mom. Just because it was a movie title does not mean you should use it. Try dad or father, we have earned it.
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