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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Not much to write about today as I am still kind of stressing about the friend issue. I received a few great e mails about the friends issue yesterday. It seems as though if you were friends and now are not then you probably stopped being friends for a reason. So, I have this one friend who is more or less on the bubble (man I sound like an a-hole).. last night I receive an e mail from a great guy who is worth keeping up with and I have dropped the ball. Is it like an over crowded bar? One in and one out. Oh well, off to work have a great day.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Friends vs aquaintences vs wk buddies

I always struggle with calling people my friends. That is really not something that I dish out lightly. And when can you just faze a friend out. I.e. Let's say you have a friend who none of your other friends really likes. I mean I know this guy who just doesn't bring anything to the table. Nothing. Do I call him a friend, because we were friends in the past? Do we have a break up? Do I just not contact him? What is the protocol here? I guess it is hard enough now to be active with my good friends. Not that I am that busy, yet it is hard to keep up frienships. Especially with the frindge friends. Wow, I know I must sound like an ass, but this is just the way that it goes down. We have all been here before and with things like FB and e-mail and texting it is much easier to stay in touch. It still takes time and effort. At some point the friendship is not worth the effort, its not worth what you put into it. To put all out there when you put in little effort and it is still not worth it than it just might be time to move on.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

I am not a good silk screener

So here is a little bit more about PJ. Wifey, myself and a good friend sort of have a silk screen business. Sort of meaning that this is pretty much my idea and my baby. Now the problem occurs when I do not put in the time needed to make this work. Just yesterday I made some shirts for a friend. The job was a bit of a rush, and let's say I missed one big important step. Making sure the right colors were on the right shirts. Go figure. The artwork looks great, the shirts look great. I just printed one group with the colors and group name on the front that should be on the other shirt and vice versa. Last night was a long night to prep screens, burn screens, tape screens, and even clean screens. I will get them done, but it cost me precious moments with the family. And for some reason I only make stupid big time blunders on jobs for friends. I think I stress about these jobs more, so sometimes I miss the small things. Ugh, another day another lost profit, and a little less time.

I am not even gonna mention the flipping snow today in Philly. I mean seriously it isn't even Thanksgiving. Its going to be a long winter.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I want to be the only one for miles and miles....

Except for maybe you.

The new company is filled with 20 something people wearing ipods and using keyboard shortcuts faster than I can say, Wonder twin powers activate! I hear them talk about happy hours, and wanting to move to the city. Comparing restaurants, and night spots. Talking about staying up past 10pm on work nights. Using language that I don't understand.

I am not sure when I officially became old or ' older ,' but I like it. I look forward to time with the family, home cooked meals, quiet nights, and trips to the country.

We visited one of wifeys friends a few weeks ago up the mountains. He. Lives on 40 acres, and his parents ' up the hill ' sit on 400 acres. We arrived just in time to put the beans to sleep, and after having a great class of vino we headed out deer spotting. Which basically means a little off roading with a gigantic flashlight. I have never seen 15 to 20 deer all hanging out in the same place so needless to say I was blown away.. The stars must be a different set of stars because I saw so many more out there. Also, nothing beats waking up making breakfast and going for a little nature walk with your hot coffee, and the beans all bundled up. She thought groundhogs were puppies and squirrels were kitties. One of these days when the financial windfall comes my way I will by myself a little 30 or so acre plot, build a little cabin, start growing my own fruit and veggies, and enjoy the quiet..
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Somewhat depressed.

It is not even 6pm, and this is what is going on outside. I know I have mentioned this before, but seriously it is rough driving to work in the sun and coming home in the dark. Seeing all of the car lights, especially breaklights is starting to get me down. I mean it isn't even dusky, its dark. Its nighttime dark at 6pm. No wonder I keep nodding off on the sofa at 8:30pm. Just to keep this bitch fest going on. I know the day is coming when I will have to scrape the frost off the windows, ugh. Just something about waking up and tossing all those warm blankets off to start the day doesn't make sense. I would much rather just hide the day away under the covers, with wifey. Lucky for me I am at the new company. If I was still trudging along at the old company this bitchy post would be much longer.

Its Wed, and I am going to work. Weird. My first humpday in three years.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


First day done, and holy smokes. Info after info and more info. Learn learn learn. Any questions? That was my pattern for the day. Although new company does supply, lunch, snacks, yogurt, soda, coffee, you name it and they have it for you. I will be very well taken care of in the food department. The hours aren't that great 8am - 5pm is just a bit worse than being home by 4pm daily, yet I am sure my weekends will more than make up for that. I miss my beans. I got home at 5:45pm instead of 4pm. When bedtime is around 7pm that is a lot. I do however get an extra hour in the am, yet that is a hectic hour.

Isn't technology a beatiful thing. Currently I am stopped at a redlight pounding away at my keyboard getting a blog post done. I also just cancelled a dentist appointment as well. The cool part there was I didn't have the number, so I just jumped on the www all from the car. AMAZING.

By the way if you haven't listened to the new Pink cd, some of the songs are wonderful.
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Last day

Not sure what you plan to do on your last day of work, I made breakfast. Well, a few of us made breakfast. Just some egg and bacon sandys. Nothing quit like the look on co-workers faces as they smell the aroma of bacon and eggs throughout the call center. I have to admit it wasn't 100% my idea, I sure wish I could take all of the credit. I merely brought the bacon, turkey of course. My last day was actually kinda sad. I will miss some of the people very much, and some not so much. I have made some great friends, some still there and some who have gone already. I sent my last e-mail of the day to good old uncle G, who was in my training class and sat next to me for two years. Thank goodness for good old facebook, it sure will make it easier for me to stay in touch with everyone.

Tomorrow is a new challenge and a new learning curve. I go in ready to learn and with a clean slate. Teach me and show me the way, I am looking forward to a career and not just a job. And, weekends off help as well.

Nothing like getting up early and checking the reader and noticing that while I was not posting you all were. Lots to catch up on.
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My last Wednesday.

Today is my last Wed off. My last Wed daddy day. I can't really explain how I feel about that. I know that right now I am 4th on the list. Mommy clearly the front runner, followed by Nana and Pop pop as the very close 2 and 3. Daddy is 4th for now, and I certainly understand why. Mommy is mommy and quit simply you just can't trump that, at least till I can bring the beans to Tiffanys and buy that #1 spot. I am sort of joking when I say that.
Nana and Pop pop are shoe ins for the 2 and 3, they spend the most time with her. Now Daddy is always Daddy and nothing is better. At this very second she is finally napping after working me over for about two hours. Her head is like a rock on my chest. She is all pinked out, in sweats still from gym class. I am sure I will get my time on the weekends and holidays that I will now have off. Yet, it won't be the same as Daddy Wed. I sure will miss these days, and luckily I have 5 sick days and 3 personal days. I have a funny feeling they will all be Wednesdays when I use those sick days and personal days. I think next Wednesday will be a hard day to go to work!

Yeah I know today is Thur. I wrote that yesterday.

Seems that a very high up has been let go at the company. You never like to see that happen especially this close to the holidays. Good luck sir. Work on that karma.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My favorite holiday of them all (and july 4th). I have a lot of things to be thankful for, yet that isn't what I want to talk about. The Plymout rock pilgram American Indian debacle, maybe I will get into that closer to the holiday itself. I want to talk about eating all you can eat, watching football, drinking wine, spending time with the family, and having no pressure. Its a stress free holiday. Next year my plan is to shoot up to Canada for a warm up Thanksgiving then come back to Philly for the PJ do it up big style holiday. My Thanksgiving is starting this Saturday with my brothers annual get together with his paleontologist buddies. This is a big whoop di doo. We are talking 3 big turkeys and enough fixins to feed a small army. The triptofan should kick in nicely as I am shovelling mounds of jello into my mouth for dessert. Gluteny comes to mind when I think about this wonderful holiday. Ni gifts to buy anyone, just show up and eat like no tommorrow exists. I sure would not want to offend anyone on a holiday, so I am just doing my part by eating enough snacks to last a half year. I have been doing tons of push ups and situps in preperation. Wish me luck! One last thing, as a few people mentioned I am wearing sweats to dinner this year, that elastic band will surely help. I mean what looks worse sweats, or me sitting at the table with my pants undone and crumbs all over my belly?
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Proud Bookworm

Today I received my first real bloggy award thingy (yes you read that right).  A big thank you to Laura at Under the sheets- shh (I wish my blog had her blogs name, I am so jealous).  Rules:  Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 46.  Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences.  The closest book, not the coolest, or the one you think will sound the best.  THE CLOSEST.

Being at work when I got the e-mail from Laura, I stood up (in a call center) and shouted " who has a book?"  I knew that I had no books as today I gave my five day notice at the current J-O-B.  My cubemate the great W happened to be reading, The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.  I know nothing of this book as it is not mine... here goes.

"I guess," he said.
He never like to brag, but I could tell he was proud that he had taken on four bigger, tougher kids, even if they were girls. 
" Lettuce war!" Brian shouted  He tossed a half eaten head at me like a grenade.  We ran along the rows, pulling up heads and throwing them at each other.

Thank you to Laura and the great W.  Now go check out Under the Sheets - SHHH, and read it from the start, no cheating.

Now the hard part:

Fluffycat at The next third
Jest at  Tea Tales

Get over to these blogs and check em out.  Trust me you will like it. Go ahead. Trust me.

Work environment

I only have a few days of work left at the weight loss company. This makes me very happy! A few things of note. The picture above is our break room or coffee station. It seems that the overnight crew had a little party last night, and just left the trash on the floor. I would also assume that some morning people came in and just kept leaving more and more trash on the floor. I saw this movie a few years ago that has really stuck with me, I think I am gonna go rent 200 copies of' pay it forward ' for the weight loss company. If you don't learn the lesson from haley joel osmont than you are a lost cause. Here is some ground breaking business info, ready? Make the next persons job easier. Heck even attempt to make work a fun place. Help the little people out, even the cleaning crew. We are all on the same team. So fun might be a strong word, allow work to be workable. Let's start with the vp and director. Just ideas here, talking out loud. Maybe try to say hello to people who work for you, maybe try to converse with PEOPLE, we are all adults. Bring it down to a personal level. Another idea maybe have your trainer and other people of note be approachable. Let employees ask questions and get answers This works top down, yeah I know believe it or not. Setting a good example really goes a long way. Before you know it managers will be saying hi to sales people who will even smile in the hallway. And get this maybe your employees wouldn't be filing lawsuits about the company. Maybe employees would talk about the great coversation they just had instead of how they just were snubbed by a higher up. Ugh, that was a lot to get off my chest. I will miss all of my friends here very much. I will keep in touch as difficult as that might be a few txts and e mails sure do go a long way. I know I will meet some great new people and look forward to my next challenge and dare I say career. Now that is my last work post, I am exhausted with this place and will be back to random thoughts and ideas tomorrow. Also, just wanted to say thanks for the comments and e-mails wishing me luck this blogger community is great!
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Second interview

The recap worked well the other day and seeing as though I am a tad superstitious here we go again.

•woke up to the beans saying poo poo. Rushed her to the bathroom, and she poo pooed on the potty! If you have kids you understand the elation.
•played for a bit, had some snacks.
•explained to the beans how the computer/internet works, I think she got it.
•gonna crank some tunes and make b-fast.
•my buddy joined FB, I suggested 5 friends that friended him, do I get some sort of commission on that?
•i make the best eggs ever.
•i wonder if the beasty boys are good for a 17 month old, I mean it is licensed to ill- kick it, father to many but married to non, its ok though I carry a gun, I will steal your honey like I stole your bike - hmm, guess not so appropriate after all.
•brush the teeth again, and notice, ugh man getting old sucks, I notice I need to trim those pesky ear hairs.
•time to look for a suit.
•just got an e mail from wifey saying to wear the brown suit. I didn't know I had a brown suit, ut oh.
•tie attempts 2- averaging down baby!
•was half hour early last time leaving at same time, gotta be ready if I have to pee.
•its b-a-n-a-n-a-s, seriously I could write this song. I am in the wrong profession.
•always a good confidence boost when you put on your ' brown ' suit which is a little big in the chest and shoulders. Hmm, maybe I need to lift a little more.
•here nice and early. Sitting in the car reading all of your blogs. Well, not all. I know one is out there, yet I can't find it.
•boooyah, got the job. Let's pop the bubbly!

Nothing like taking a 40k paycut. Ouch. The promise of the future looms large, yet the present is gonna suffer some cutbacks. It is a good day. Gonna give my 5 days notice tomorrow! Sales is not for the weak. You can be on top at one place, then you have to start over again right back at the bottom. Get that book built and make some money.
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nothing like....

Being a sales person who sells directly to the public, during an economic drought, in november (everyone is saving for the holidays), at a company who already spent the advertising spend for the year, in the weight loss industry (ppl gain from thanksgiving to new years, not lose), on a sat morning! What do most people do on saturdays? I think I could be home with the wife and daughter making a big breakfast with all the fixins. Radio blaring some raffi (you know him if you have kids) singing along - I like to go bowling with my friend bert, my bowling ball and my bowling shirt - good times, good times. I need to look back and check out all of my saturday posts, I bet they are terrible. Good thing I have thatsexond interview on monday, and good thing I am leaving work early today. Booyah, 1st b-day to attend at my old college roomates house. My oh my how times have changed. We both have daughters, go figure.
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Did something today that I have never done before...

Its 6:00pm and I am out in sweatpants. Not windbreakers or parachute pants, yet sweatpants. It gets worse. Said sweats might be a few sizes too big for me, so I have them rolled at the bottom. Luckily, wifey told me to roll em down a bit before I left the house to look less toolish. Good lookin out baby, you really take care of me! Nothing like getting 4 hours of sleep and being hopped up on amp and redbull to make a few bad decisions. Now I have always been more of a beer and ball guy, instead of wine and tennis. Yet for some reason I was never a sweats out to the store type guy. Its just as easy to throw on that comfy pair of jeans that I have worn just a few times this week. Lately it is all cargo pants or painters jeans. I like to have a place for my phone, painters jeans are perfect with that cool leg pocket. I think I am getting old.

Beans seems to be feeling better. Although mommy and daddy are pretty exhausted.

Second interview on monday, cross those fingers.

I received a few e mails asking how to make it on 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night. Well, its easy either be 18 - 25 and party all night, or have kids. The cutoff at 25 is because once you are in your late 20s it starts to slow down a bit. Ouch. The kids part is pretty self explanatory.

Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

9:45pm wed 11/5

I am in the beans nursery. We are sitting in her rocker swaying back and forth. Not sure why she woke up, not sure why she won't go back to sleep without me here. Mommy/wifey is at swim class not sure if she is teaching or attending. My wed daddy day was interrupted by my interview (which went awesome), and some errands. Maybe the beans knows that I will be a push over tonight, because I missed her so much today. She is sound asleep on my chest. I am missing the 4th quarter of the sixers and a new bones, and heck maybe even pounding out a blog post on a computer instead of my phone. It sure is amazing what really does not matter. Sixers, who cares. Bones, even more who cares. A computer, well that would be nice once in a blue moon, I kid I kid. Nothing beats your child falling asleep in your arms, nothing. I can't even remember what we did before she was around, we must have lived the lazy life. I might be sitting here thinking about a million different things, yet if I listen closely I can hear her breathing. Shhhh, nighty night.

Just made the attempt to put her back in the crib. I check the arms to see if she is out (wrestling style lift it up and if it falls straight down than she is out). Swing her body over to cradle her, and AWAKE bang one arm up around my neck. Vice grip that will not let go. Back to the rocker. I can tell it will be a long night for wifey and I. We will be exhausted tomorrow, and it will be so worth it. Not sure why she is not sleeping well tonight, she usually goes down easy and just gets up really early.

Seems that maybe something was wrong with our milk. She tossed some cookies late last night or early this am, well both. Then just as I was ready to leave for work decided to spew one last time all over my crisp black shirt. It was a good morning.

She seems to have it all out of her system and was still running around and talking up a storm.

Good thing I am thriving on 4 hours of sleep.
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Woke up today.....

A bit excited:

A new president, with new ideas and dare I say an eye for change.

New prez and all, I still have a j-o-b interview today! Sure didn't get much work done with a 17 month old beans running around. Lucky for me nana and pop pop are on gymboree duty and lunch duty. I decided to put together a random list of thoughts/ideas I have had throughout the day.

•I am suiting up, dusting the cat hair off the dress shoes, doing the hair (if running my fingers thru it counts) and I am out the door....
•it takes an average of three attempts to get my tie perfect, today it was 4.
•i wonder if I can bring the mighty apollo with me if I call him my advisor.
•should I bring left over halloween candy?
•i should have gotten a hair cut, but maybe that would look like I was trying too hard.
•man first dates suck, err I mean interviews.
•carrying a black leather folder thingy is almost as good as a clip board. ( I know they know I don't have any thing in my black case, I wonder if staples has clip boards).
•probably not so safe to be driving and googleing more info on the company I am interviewing with.
•mmm redbull good
•BANG half hour early, perfect.
•kinda have to pee, shit not good.
•thanks for the txts and e mails!!
•send goofy pics to wifey of sexy man in a suit- check.
•whats worse no redbull or having to pee more.
•heading in.............
•two hours later, wow
• Skipping second interview and moving on to the third, booooyaah
•off to run an errand and get the beans.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Interview, things to remember

The day has come for the big, oops sorry- THE BIG INTERVIEW. If I said I wasn't a bit nervous/excited I would not be telling the truth. I really want this new job which will hopefully turn into my adult career. Only time will tell, and I actually enjoy the interview process. I do however need to make my mental list of things to do:

Think fast and talk slow
- not too fast that I don't understand.
-not too slow that it seems I have a problem
Wear a suit
Brush my hair
Brush my teeth
Bring a mint
- get rid of mint before interview starts
Bring multiple copies of resume
-good clean copies on beautiful paper
Wear matching socks and belt
Be early, but not obscenely early
Be awake
-one redbull awake
- 2 redbull would be like crackhead awake
Shake hands firm
Hold your eyes when you shake hands
Don't fidgit
Turn cell off
Focus focus focus
If they have music on don't sing or dance
Pee before the interview
Smile cause you have earned this job

And last... Don't tell them that you hate the effing job that you are at, due to the fact that middle management is a bunch of effing stupid ignorant pricks that don't understand that communication is the backbone to a thriving company. Just smile and say my tenure there was great, yet it is time to move on.

Any other tips please pass them along. Help is accepted with a smile.

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Monday, November 3, 2008


Darn the burbs! I think maybe we had 10-12 people stop by the house on halloween. Casa de pj was not exactly a hot spot for trick or treaters. I did all that could possibly be done. The lights were shinning, pooh lit up in the window, beans cute as can be, cars moved to one side of the driveway (so the kiddies have plenty of room to walk), awesome candy, what more do these little snot noses need? I worked so hard, for so little result. Halloween stunk it up, bad. Well, the wine was really good.

I am debating X-mas lights on the house/yard/tree/cat/dog/kid/wife. What do you think?
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall back, are you serious?, ridiculous

You want me to set the clocks back huh!? As if. Yeah, as if! This is no favor to me buck-O. In fact I am rather perturbed at the fact that I am moving the gosh darn clocks BACK. Sure I might get an extra hour of sunlight or some bulldinky (yes bulldinky) like that, yet the beans has no friggin idea of what is going on. It is going to take about two weeks for her to adjust. You know what that means? Two weeks of me getting less sleep than I am now. Which sucks the ...... Well, you know. Which also means two weeks of ppl having to deal with my cranky butt, and yes I will be cranky. Cranky like an old man who spends his days perfecting his lawn and you step on it. Cranky like calling you a whippersnapper. Cranky like I ran out of country time lemonaide. Cranky like an old lady with no ben gay. Cranky like a constipated fellow with no prunes. It is going to be a rough week.

I am wearing slippers at work today!

Big job interview wed, so cross your fingers or whatever it is that you do, and wish me luck.
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