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Monday, November 10, 2008

Second interview

The recap worked well the other day and seeing as though I am a tad superstitious here we go again.

•woke up to the beans saying poo poo. Rushed her to the bathroom, and she poo pooed on the potty! If you have kids you understand the elation.
•played for a bit, had some snacks.
•explained to the beans how the computer/internet works, I think she got it.
•gonna crank some tunes and make b-fast.
•my buddy joined FB, I suggested 5 friends that friended him, do I get some sort of commission on that?
•i make the best eggs ever.
•i wonder if the beasty boys are good for a 17 month old, I mean it is licensed to ill- kick it, father to many but married to non, its ok though I carry a gun, I will steal your honey like I stole your bike - hmm, guess not so appropriate after all.
•brush the teeth again, and notice, ugh man getting old sucks, I notice I need to trim those pesky ear hairs.
•time to look for a suit.
•just got an e mail from wifey saying to wear the brown suit. I didn't know I had a brown suit, ut oh.
•tie attempts 2- averaging down baby!
•was half hour early last time leaving at same time, gotta be ready if I have to pee.
•its b-a-n-a-n-a-s, seriously I could write this song. I am in the wrong profession.
•always a good confidence boost when you put on your ' brown ' suit which is a little big in the chest and shoulders. Hmm, maybe I need to lift a little more.
•here nice and early. Sitting in the car reading all of your blogs. Well, not all. I know one is out there, yet I can't find it.
•boooyah, got the job. Let's pop the bubbly!

Nothing like taking a 40k paycut. Ouch. The promise of the future looms large, yet the present is gonna suffer some cutbacks. It is a good day. Gonna give my 5 days notice tomorrow! Sales is not for the weak. You can be on top at one place, then you have to start over again right back at the bottom. Get that book built and make some money.
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Jest said...

Congratulations!! Does this mean no more working weekends??

Emma said...

Well done pj!! Very pleased for you :-)

LBluca77 said...

Congrats on getting the job.

One benefit to being a girl, no ear hair.

pj said...

jest - no more weekends, holidays, and i even get paid vacation. wow

emma - thanks much, i left you a msg on your blog.

lbluca- well that might not be tru for all women. unfortunately

So@24 said...

Beastie Boys is totally appropriate. That's going to be the coolest kid ever.

Agent Elle said...

Congratulations! :)