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Friday, November 7, 2008

Did something today that I have never done before...

Its 6:00pm and I am out in sweatpants. Not windbreakers or parachute pants, yet sweatpants. It gets worse. Said sweats might be a few sizes too big for me, so I have them rolled at the bottom. Luckily, wifey told me to roll em down a bit before I left the house to look less toolish. Good lookin out baby, you really take care of me! Nothing like getting 4 hours of sleep and being hopped up on amp and redbull to make a few bad decisions. Now I have always been more of a beer and ball guy, instead of wine and tennis. Yet for some reason I was never a sweats out to the store type guy. Its just as easy to throw on that comfy pair of jeans that I have worn just a few times this week. Lately it is all cargo pants or painters jeans. I like to have a place for my phone, painters jeans are perfect with that cool leg pocket. I think I am getting old.

Beans seems to be feeling better. Although mommy and daddy are pretty exhausted.

Second interview on monday, cross those fingers.

I received a few e mails asking how to make it on 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night. Well, its easy either be 18 - 25 and party all night, or have kids. The cutoff at 25 is because once you are in your late 20s it starts to slow down a bit. Ouch. The kids part is pretty self explanatory.

Have a great weekend.
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brookem said...

sweatpants huh? HOT!

Jest said...

For a long time, I too was opposed to wearing sweatpants outside of the house or the gym. With the invention of cute sweatpants, my mind has been changed. I'd imagine you were probably wearing cute sweatpants, otherwise your wife wouldn't have let you out of the house :)

LBluca77 said...

Sweats are perfect for eating an entire pizza or thanksgiving dinner. They give you lots of room to expand.

So@24 said...

Good luck!

Fluffycat said...

I agree with lbluca77... sweats are perfect when you are going to have a huge meal and know you'll need room.