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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall back, are you serious?, ridiculous

You want me to set the clocks back huh!? As if. Yeah, as if! This is no favor to me buck-O. In fact I am rather perturbed at the fact that I am moving the gosh darn clocks BACK. Sure I might get an extra hour of sunlight or some bulldinky (yes bulldinky) like that, yet the beans has no friggin idea of what is going on. It is going to take about two weeks for her to adjust. You know what that means? Two weeks of me getting less sleep than I am now. Which sucks the ...... Well, you know. Which also means two weeks of ppl having to deal with my cranky butt, and yes I will be cranky. Cranky like an old man who spends his days perfecting his lawn and you step on it. Cranky like calling you a whippersnapper. Cranky like I ran out of country time lemonaide. Cranky like an old lady with no ben gay. Cranky like a constipated fellow with no prunes. It is going to be a rough week.

I am wearing slippers at work today!

Big job interview wed, so cross your fingers or whatever it is that you do, and wish me luck.
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Fluffycat said...

Yeah, I read on someone's blog that it is basically like having jet lag for a week. Bleh. Good luck with the transition.