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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I want to be the only one for miles and miles....

Except for maybe you.

The new company is filled with 20 something people wearing ipods and using keyboard shortcuts faster than I can say, Wonder twin powers activate! I hear them talk about happy hours, and wanting to move to the city. Comparing restaurants, and night spots. Talking about staying up past 10pm on work nights. Using language that I don't understand.

I am not sure when I officially became old or ' older ,' but I like it. I look forward to time with the family, home cooked meals, quiet nights, and trips to the country.

We visited one of wifeys friends a few weeks ago up the mountains. He. Lives on 40 acres, and his parents ' up the hill ' sit on 400 acres. We arrived just in time to put the beans to sleep, and after having a great class of vino we headed out deer spotting. Which basically means a little off roading with a gigantic flashlight. I have never seen 15 to 20 deer all hanging out in the same place so needless to say I was blown away.. The stars must be a different set of stars because I saw so many more out there. Also, nothing beats waking up making breakfast and going for a little nature walk with your hot coffee, and the beans all bundled up. She thought groundhogs were puppies and squirrels were kitties. One of these days when the financial windfall comes my way I will by myself a little 30 or so acre plot, build a little cabin, start growing my own fruit and veggies, and enjoy the quiet..
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Lora said...

I'm definitely more comfortable surrounded by tons of people, but someday I'll be ready to be left all alone in the countryside. First I have to get over the whole "no one around to hear you scream" issue I have.

Once I had a client who told her 2 year old that the baby rats in her kitchen were kittens so the baby wouldn't be scared.


Jest said...

I'm with you on the feeling that those things are much more fun than going out to the bar every night. I think I mentioned before that I grew up in the country and I adored every minute of it.'re a Flyers fan?? Really?!

LBluca77 said...

Your job sounds fun. I wish I could work someplace like that. The only good thing at my work is we can wear jeans of Friday and half the time I even forget to do that.