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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My favorite holiday of them all (and july 4th). I have a lot of things to be thankful for, yet that isn't what I want to talk about. The Plymout rock pilgram American Indian debacle, maybe I will get into that closer to the holiday itself. I want to talk about eating all you can eat, watching football, drinking wine, spending time with the family, and having no pressure. Its a stress free holiday. Next year my plan is to shoot up to Canada for a warm up Thanksgiving then come back to Philly for the PJ do it up big style holiday. My Thanksgiving is starting this Saturday with my brothers annual get together with his paleontologist buddies. This is a big whoop di doo. We are talking 3 big turkeys and enough fixins to feed a small army. The triptofan should kick in nicely as I am shovelling mounds of jello into my mouth for dessert. Gluteny comes to mind when I think about this wonderful holiday. Ni gifts to buy anyone, just show up and eat like no tommorrow exists. I sure would not want to offend anyone on a holiday, so I am just doing my part by eating enough snacks to last a half year. I have been doing tons of push ups and situps in preperation. Wish me luck! One last thing, as a few people mentioned I am wearing sweats to dinner this year, that elastic band will surely help. I mean what looks worse sweats, or me sitting at the table with my pants undone and crumbs all over my belly?
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Jest said...

We already had our Thanksgiving in Canada and it was a good one. Ate to the point of excess, as per usual.
Thanks for the shout out, btw. Working on my bookworm post now!!

LBluca77 said...

3 turkeys!! Wow, that is a lot of bird! I love thanksgiving too. It is such an easy holiday, you don't have to shop for gifts and it only last 1 day. I only say this because I can't cook so thanksgiving to me is just about eating not making food.