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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Somewhat depressed.

It is not even 6pm, and this is what is going on outside. I know I have mentioned this before, but seriously it is rough driving to work in the sun and coming home in the dark. Seeing all of the car lights, especially breaklights is starting to get me down. I mean it isn't even dusky, its dark. Its nighttime dark at 6pm. No wonder I keep nodding off on the sofa at 8:30pm. Just to keep this bitch fest going on. I know the day is coming when I will have to scrape the frost off the windows, ugh. Just something about waking up and tossing all those warm blankets off to start the day doesn't make sense. I would much rather just hide the day away under the covers, with wifey. Lucky for me I am at the new company. If I was still trudging along at the old company this bitchy post would be much longer.

Its Wed, and I am going to work. Weird. My first humpday in three years.
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Jest said...

I know, the lackage of daytime light is getting me down too. And, it snowed, I understand.

Lora said...

me too. If I'm not down for the count by 8.30 in the boy's bed, I'm out at 9 on the couch.

Laura said...

It's so hard to leave your bed when it's all warm and snuggly. I just heard Lance Armstrong at the Web 2.0 conference talk about how he had to get use to waking up and having pasta for breakfast at 7am every morning while training. Come on by my blog to see my answer to your knee surgery comment and take care of yourself.

brookem said...

i hate driving home in the dark too... and traffic. blah.