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Monday, November 24, 2008

Friends vs aquaintences vs wk buddies

I always struggle with calling people my friends. That is really not something that I dish out lightly. And when can you just faze a friend out. I.e. Let's say you have a friend who none of your other friends really likes. I mean I know this guy who just doesn't bring anything to the table. Nothing. Do I call him a friend, because we were friends in the past? Do we have a break up? Do I just not contact him? What is the protocol here? I guess it is hard enough now to be active with my good friends. Not that I am that busy, yet it is hard to keep up frienships. Especially with the frindge friends. Wow, I know I must sound like an ass, but this is just the way that it goes down. We have all been here before and with things like FB and e-mail and texting it is much easier to stay in touch. It still takes time and effort. At some point the friendship is not worth the effort, its not worth what you put into it. To put all out there when you put in little effort and it is still not worth it than it just might be time to move on.

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Jest said...

I think it's better to have a small group of friends. I know it may be harsh, but sometimes friendships just don't work out and you have to break up with them. It's life. I just had a friend break-up a few months ago. It sucked, but in the end I think I'm better off without her.

Dolce said...

I used to have a huge pool of friends in high school and college and how it's been reduced to only my closest friends - the ones I talk to on a daily or weekly basis.

I like it more now having a small intimitate group than a lot of surface friends.

work friends only count if you hang out outside of work functions. I have two of those...all from previous jobs.

Fluffycat said...

You raise some interesting questions. I think about it too because I'm on facebook and getting in touch with those I've lost touch with. I realize there was a reason that I lost touch in the first place.

LBluca77 said...

I had a friend that I gradually lost track with about a year ago. Basically we had nothing in common any more and she was not willing to compromise on that. She was ready to get married and stop going out and having fun. Which was fine, I didn't mind going to her place and just hanging out, but she was never willing to do anything I wanted like going out to even dinner or getting drinks. There always has to be a compromise in any relationship.