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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Woke up today.....

A bit excited:

A new president, with new ideas and dare I say an eye for change.

New prez and all, I still have a j-o-b interview today! Sure didn't get much work done with a 17 month old beans running around. Lucky for me nana and pop pop are on gymboree duty and lunch duty. I decided to put together a random list of thoughts/ideas I have had throughout the day.

•I am suiting up, dusting the cat hair off the dress shoes, doing the hair (if running my fingers thru it counts) and I am out the door....
•it takes an average of three attempts to get my tie perfect, today it was 4.
•i wonder if I can bring the mighty apollo with me if I call him my advisor.
•should I bring left over halloween candy?
•i should have gotten a hair cut, but maybe that would look like I was trying too hard.
•man first dates suck, err I mean interviews.
•carrying a black leather folder thingy is almost as good as a clip board. ( I know they know I don't have any thing in my black case, I wonder if staples has clip boards).
•probably not so safe to be driving and googleing more info on the company I am interviewing with.
•mmm redbull good
•BANG half hour early, perfect.
•kinda have to pee, shit not good.
•thanks for the txts and e mails!!
•send goofy pics to wifey of sexy man in a suit- check.
•whats worse no redbull or having to pee more.
•heading in.............
•two hours later, wow
• Skipping second interview and moving on to the third, booooyaah
•off to run an errand and get the beans.
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LBluca77 said...

Removing cat hair from myself has become part of my daily routine.

Good luck on your job interview.

Emma said...

All the best of luck with your interview pj! I hope doing your tie four times pays off for you :-)

Jest said...

Woo! Sounds like things are going your way.
And, really, with the results of yesterday's elections how could today not go well. Good luck!!

pj said...

ibluca - two cats and a dog - and a kid. wearing a dark suit is tough.

emma - i was going to go for 5, but i had to stop myself.

jest - i think i was worried that things would go too good. if that is such a thing