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Thursday, November 6, 2008

9:45pm wed 11/5

I am in the beans nursery. We are sitting in her rocker swaying back and forth. Not sure why she woke up, not sure why she won't go back to sleep without me here. Mommy/wifey is at swim class not sure if she is teaching or attending. My wed daddy day was interrupted by my interview (which went awesome), and some errands. Maybe the beans knows that I will be a push over tonight, because I missed her so much today. She is sound asleep on my chest. I am missing the 4th quarter of the sixers and a new bones, and heck maybe even pounding out a blog post on a computer instead of my phone. It sure is amazing what really does not matter. Sixers, who cares. Bones, even more who cares. A computer, well that would be nice once in a blue moon, I kid I kid. Nothing beats your child falling asleep in your arms, nothing. I can't even remember what we did before she was around, we must have lived the lazy life. I might be sitting here thinking about a million different things, yet if I listen closely I can hear her breathing. Shhhh, nighty night.

Just made the attempt to put her back in the crib. I check the arms to see if she is out (wrestling style lift it up and if it falls straight down than she is out). Swing her body over to cradle her, and AWAKE bang one arm up around my neck. Vice grip that will not let go. Back to the rocker. I can tell it will be a long night for wifey and I. We will be exhausted tomorrow, and it will be so worth it. Not sure why she is not sleeping well tonight, she usually goes down easy and just gets up really early.

Seems that maybe something was wrong with our milk. She tossed some cookies late last night or early this am, well both. Then just as I was ready to leave for work decided to spew one last time all over my crisp black shirt. It was a good morning.

She seems to have it all out of her system and was still running around and talking up a storm.

Good thing I am thriving on 4 hours of sleep.
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Jest said...

I feel the exact same way about my niece! She actually makes me want to have children, for the first time ever!

LBluca77 said...

I totally feel the same way when my cat falls asleep on me. No just kidding. kinda.

Mike said...

Sleep goes bye-bye once you have kids...but it seems you know that!

Emma said...

I don't know how you thrive on 4 hours of sleep a week, that's what i've been getting this week and I certainly don't feel I'm thriving! I'd love to hear your tips :-P