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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Work environment

I only have a few days of work left at the weight loss company. This makes me very happy! A few things of note. The picture above is our break room or coffee station. It seems that the overnight crew had a little party last night, and just left the trash on the floor. I would also assume that some morning people came in and just kept leaving more and more trash on the floor. I saw this movie a few years ago that has really stuck with me, I think I am gonna go rent 200 copies of' pay it forward ' for the weight loss company. If you don't learn the lesson from haley joel osmont than you are a lost cause. Here is some ground breaking business info, ready? Make the next persons job easier. Heck even attempt to make work a fun place. Help the little people out, even the cleaning crew. We are all on the same team. So fun might be a strong word, allow work to be workable. Let's start with the vp and director. Just ideas here, talking out loud. Maybe try to say hello to people who work for you, maybe try to converse with PEOPLE, we are all adults. Bring it down to a personal level. Another idea maybe have your trainer and other people of note be approachable. Let employees ask questions and get answers This works top down, yeah I know believe it or not. Setting a good example really goes a long way. Before you know it managers will be saying hi to sales people who will even smile in the hallway. And get this maybe your employees wouldn't be filing lawsuits about the company. Maybe employees would talk about the great coversation they just had instead of how they just were snubbed by a higher up. Ugh, that was a lot to get off my chest. I will miss all of my friends here very much. I will keep in touch as difficult as that might be a few txts and e mails sure do go a long way. I know I will meet some great new people and look forward to my next challenge and dare I say career. Now that is my last work post, I am exhausted with this place and will be back to random thoughts and ideas tomorrow. Also, just wanted to say thanks for the comments and e-mails wishing me luck this blogger community is great!
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Jest said...

It sounds like you are definitely better off leaving that place, that's for sure!! I can't believe that garbage, that just seems ridiculous to me.

Laura said...

This is a very interesting idea for a post!
You seem like the type who loves reading and expanding his horizons, so I have also awarded you with the "Bookworm Award"! I have linked you from my blog, so check it out!

LBluca77 said...

I totally agree about saying hello to the people that work for you.

My boss would not be caught dead saying hello.

Fluffycat said...

Good for you to leave that mess, literally! Yikes, that break room is scary.

brookem said...

i loved that movie. such a good concept.

ps- yesterday? i ate YOGURT with a fork. thought of you.

Dr Zibbs said...

Do you work in a homeless shelter?

pj said...

jest - nothing like giving my 5 day notice on trash day.

laura - i am going to do the bookworm now. thank you so much for passing it along.

lbluca - i can't believe ppl don't just naturally say hi, ridiculous.

fluffycat - and its a weight loss comany, you would figure pizza and msg riddled chinese food wouldn't be all that prevalent.

brookem - the almighty fork!!

zibbs - at least you can see a phillies poster in the back ground.