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Monday, August 18, 2008

Uncle G, bert and ernie, captain destruct-O

A quick note from captain destruct-O (my daugther 15 months) to uncle G (bastard).

Dear uncle G,

I want to thank you so much for the wondeful gifts that you bring me everytime that you stop by the crib (literally, not just slang for house). The puffy fish, the pool, the dog that talks are all such wonderful gifts. Your the best, uncle G, the best. Also, I would love to say thanks for cutting mommy and daddies hair, oh and pop pops as well. Again UG you are the best. But!!!!!! This bert and ernie thing scares the effing shit out of me! What the hell were you thinking buying a conjoined bert and ernie head, what the hell happened to the boddies?!? The darn thing shakes and says WEEEEEE. As if that is fun for either one of them. Again, it scares the baaageeezes out of me, and mighty apollo attacks the two headed monster whenever it comes out as well. Picture this, I am terrified as bert and ernie scream WEEE and then the mighty one comes at me growling with foam forming at the mouth which is kinda funny/scary at the same time. I think that sesame street is now off limits as I freeze like a deer in headlights when I see bert and/or ernie. Thanks again UG you bastard! Your still the best though.

Miss ya,

Captain destruct-O

Ps. I think mommy and daddy think its funny.

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