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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cell phones, oldies, radio stations

I would like to apologize up front for the following rants. First, just to let everyone out there know the year is 2008!!! Everyone has a cell phone, everyone. My 80 year old nana included. Moving on, all cell phones have caller Id, all of them! Please do not call and leave a msg saying " its me, call me back.". The idea of caller I'd, is that you have already been identified. I will see that you called, and I will call you back if I want or when I can. Don't make me listen to a msg asking me to call you back. I understand you called for a reason, and I will get back to you. The idea of leaving a msg is to tell me something important, and actually I really don't need to hear your voice, send me a txt. If you can't txt, get a new phone and upgrade your plan. Pretty simple. Also, before you ' it's me' me make sure you are on the ' it's me ' list, if you have to ask yourself if you are on the list, then you aren't so don't ' it's me ' me. Second, I am wondering at what point I have to start listening to oldies music? I grew up listening to hip hop, and delve into country or whatever else is out there from time to time. I suppose my question is: will my oldies 106.7, be playing biggie and tupac? Seriously, when I tune to my oldies and my kids are saying come on dad do we have to listen to tribe called quest today? Dad, are you putting on that special ed cd again? You get what I am saying, right? It just seems odd... I suppose the oldies stations will be old skool stations or something like that. Hmm, makes me wonder why the 80s stations are not in full swing or that disco is not blaring from all those mini vans. It seems the young kids ( those pesky teenagers) are blasting hendrix, dylan and the moody blues not the ppl who grew up with it. Or do I have to be a closet hip hopper? I understand that the kids shouldn't listen to some nwa, or 2 live crew, epmd or bdp, but does that mean I have to go to manilow? I am vexed by this! I think I have to switch over at some point. -- I guess james blunt, the dixi chicks, dave matthews, timmy, kenny, indigo girls, david grey-- funny to think these are safe choices. Don't get me wrong eric b and rakim will never be out of my cd player, ipod or computer--EVER.
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