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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bring the heat!

It feels like just a few months ago I was complaining about the snow and the ice. Now the heat is here and I love it. Nothing do I like better than doing yard work and sweating my cajones off! 86 degrees at dinner time is awesome. I suppose that I might feel different if I worked outside, yet I don't so it is all good in the hood. I have been thinking for some time that I need to get an education certification, so I can become a teacher. I need to have summers like the good old days - when summer really meant something other than hot and humid. Summer was the fun time, pools, sprinklers, playing freedom and kick the can, baby in the air, drinking lemonaide and iced tea by the gallon, playing all day and chillaxing all night. I think I could handle elementary ed. As long as we don't get into long division I am good.
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Anonymous said...

Can you send me some heat? Not very warm here.

The guy I have been on a couple of dates with is a teacher...and he rubs it in that he gets two months off for summer.

Long division is a cinch.

Jess said...

I was worried for a second that you were going to complain about the heat...when people do that, it's just WRONG!!

Auburn said...

Agreed. Gardening during the summer time gives you a great feeling. But I was a teacher in a past life, and not even the two months off during summer could convince me to go back!