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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The world of being a Daddy

Right now it is not the easiest thing to to do, being a Daddy. I am not home as much as I would like. I don't get the qt that I would like/deserve/need with the ladies in my life. If I work late it seems that I catch the beans for maybe a good hour or so before she has to go to bed. And let me tell you the bed time process is not a bunch of roses now a days. She is doing a much better job at sleeping by herself, actually she is doing a great job falling asleep by herself. We stand outside her door each night and listen to her get out of bed grab some books, and open her dresser and get a few pairs of pants to take to bed with her. She always wakes up with at least 3 pair of pants in her bed, and last night she feel asleep holding a book. This is after the numerous attempts at pee and poo, tummy hurts, one more book, one song in the rocker, one more book to read plea bargains. The middle of the night is the rough part, she was waking from the night terrors and now I think she has us bamboozled to getting into our bed. Two nights ago for some reason she was up for about an hour and half in the middle of the night. Last night went pretty smooth until about 4:30am which is when mommy and daddy usually wake up so one of us can go for a run. Well, that didn't happen. We hoped she would fall back asleep, yet that sure didn't happen and neither of us got a run in. The tough part is that when she is cranky or upset Daddy can't do anything to console her, its all Mommy time. Having the beans just yell for mommy when I am right there is a tough pill to swallow, yet I certainly understand those reactions. I think ahead to this summer and I am so excited for the time that they will be able to be together and the trips they will be taking. I won't lie I am a bit jealous. I will have my time as well and hopefully this recession will be over soon, and Daddy can work some less hours. Cross your fingers.
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Emma said...

pj I have my fingers crossed for you.

I remember when my little sister was tiny (she's 11 years younger than me) and she was in an "I want mummy mood" I always found it really tough to understand back then.

Sounds like you could all do with getting a bit more sleep! Beans will no doubt keep getting better that bedtime thing and I hope you can all have the quality time together that you deserve soon!

Emmie said...
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