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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It all boils down...

To what you do with your time. How do you handle free minutes and free hours? A few minutes here and a few minutes there add up to a whole bunch of time wasted. You learn that awful quick in sales and awfuk quicker in sales in a recession. Once you have learned it, it then spills over to your entire life. What time are we leaving? How long is the ride? How long to get ready? What time is it now? And of course what the heck is the plan B when shit doesn't go according to plan. Plan C plan D? Gotta have em. I learned a few years back that it is not all about the coin, yet about the kwon (10 points if you get that reference). Does that mean I don't work as hard at work, and even put in the ot, certainly not. It does mean that when I am at home I make sure I am in the moment. I have turned into the king of multitasking.

On a side note I think I figured out twitter. I am pjfjp. I don't really post much but I like to read the tweets.
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Anonymous said...

I need to add you to Twitter!

Lora said...

oh sure, you're all mr.twitter NOW when I'm not there!