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Friday, October 24, 2008

Rx7, friends, that guy

My head is pounding today so bear with me on this one. Everyone has that one buddy, you know the one. Maybe a bit too loud, just a tad inapropriate at times, but just so darn lovable. You just wish you could bottle up some of that child like energy and keep it for yourself. My buddy we will call him rx7 (his true love) screams at the tv while playing video games, talks too loud at quiet restaurants, and always is amped up and ready to go when everyone is winding down.

And now to the real story:

My wife and I went to jamaica for our wedding, we were lucky to have 22 friends and family tag along. Some for the week some for just a few days. It was a great display of frienship to have so many ppl with us. Rx7 came down just for the weekend of the wedding. The drive from the airport to the resort was long enough for him to tie a good old buzz on before he got to the resort. Add that in with his boyish energy, and it was on (for him). Our dinner for everyone was that night, so wifey and the rest of us were pretty chill all day, soaking up the sun and a few drinks here and there.. Rx7 was running around the resort proclaiming his love for jamaica! Pretty funny stuff, and pretty typical. The night of the dinner rx7 was no where to be found, passed out in his room. No biggie. The rest of the weekend went smooth, the wedding was fabulous.

Fast forward to us all getting off the plane in philly. Well, mr rx7 is from ny, his car at another friends house who also was at the wedding, yet left earlier in the weekend. Upon walking out to the car lot, he realized he never planned to get from the airport to his car. Exhausted from the week, we all juggle some rides and I drive him to get the precious rx! The time you ask, around midnightish. After a 40 minute drive we arrive at his car. Keys?? Um, nope no keys. My friends house, locked. Amazing. The perfect storm of things going wrong. Luckily, he had a spare key in the car. No big deal I will just throw a brick at the window problem solved. I know I know the rx is precious. So, I say dude let's go to my place sleep there, and we will deal with this tomorrow. Simple. Nope, rx7 has a realtor test at 9am. He lives 4 hours away! A few calls to the police, a call to triple A, and shazam the car door is open. By this point I am a bit worked up, and just want to get home. It is now three am. After all of this rx7 pulls from his bag... A bottle of champaign. It was a bottle from our toast that he brought back from jamaica. He said he was going to wait till our one year anniversary to give it to me, yet thought it might be appropriate right now. Basically, just rx7 doing rx7 things, and that is why we love him. I stroll in my house at 4am, and wifey asked what the heck happened. I explained the story, and she almost shed a tear when I produced the champaign.

The champaign you ask? I am pretty sure wifey and I cracked that open on our anniversary. We gave a great toast to rx7 for saving the bottle for us.

Rx7 happened to txt me while I was working on this post, I told him about it... His response:

' bastard...those keys r still international.. .'.

I am sure I will get a stern txt about the picture I posted as well. His is red, I posted a blue one, he could go balistic... I kid I kid..
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