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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Star wars, halloween

Here we goooooo......

I know its still oct and I usually don't do any shopping for the holidays till at least december. I found myself in toys r us the other day, just inside the front door I see this (pic above). An entire section of the store dedicated to star wars. Pretty darn impressive things in here, including a mask that can change your voice! That actually made me a bit angry, the only way for me to get an authentic, yes authentic, vader voice was to talk into a fan. Now these little punks have a wall of action figures, ships, voice changers, and costumes. When I wanted to be a jawa for halloween I had to find some burlap sacks, some black stockings over my face and those cool glasses with the red lights where the eyes are -- these kids have it all done for them! This year for halloween at pjs house we are putting in effect the shitty costume rule, if you show up not dressed up or dressed poorly, you get shitty candy. If you put some effort into your costume then you get better candy. I am also fully prepared to take this to the nxt level and get some real candy bars, you know the big ones, not the small halloween candy bars. I am gonna get 10 - 20 big daddy candy bars for kids that go above and beyond. Step your game up kiddies, and no crying. Why did jimmy get the big daddy candy bar you ask in a whinny tone? Well, cause jimmy wore a big daddy costume. Yes little michael your costume sucks, so you get a jelly bean. One jelly bean that isn't even wrapped, so it will mess up the entire bag. It will stick to everything, and your parents won't even let you eat it, because it isn't wrapped. Now michael remember this for nxt year... Don't be that kid again. Its call performance pay kiddies get used to it. Oh, and one more thing.. If you are my neighbor from across the street, you better give out candy or you will get a beat down. Heck, wifey and I will even buy the candy for you cheap asses.
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Missy said...

I'm dreading the doorbell being rung every other minute. My landlord buys candy and keep it downstairs. At least I don't have to buy any.

Lora said...

I love the blog! You are definitely going on the reader. It's nice to have a good local read that isn't full of sickening sweet baby garbage. Hooray real parents with good blogs!