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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Music, guilty pleasures

I am going to own up to it right here and right now. I really enjoy Pink. Yes Pink the artist the singer. I know I know. I have heard it before, but listen her music is really good. Some of the pure pop I can do away with, yet her folky slow raspy stuff is really good. I said it. When the new cd comes out, check it out, skip to number 10 and listen. I have the cd and it is really good. Ok, so also on one of my pandora stations I have: new kids, lfo, tiffany, debbie gibson, nsync, backstreet, bell biv devoe, ralph t, utfo, abc, chris cross,I have em all on there... And I sing along! Oh and one more thing... I like the movie: nottinghill. I am pretty sure I have no secrets left.

Yesterday was wed my day with the beans and she must have read my blog yesterday. She flat out owned me yesterday. Up at 3:30am, I rocked her, gave her some grub, sang some songs, and nothing. She was ready to go. I think we took a quick nap and that was that. I told my wife that the beans clearly does not understand that game one was on that night and I needed to be in tip top form. Phils won, 3 to go. And yes I was at the store buying some brand spanking new phillies gear cause I am a nerd like that, its just how I do.
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