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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coldish, fall, frost

I was just not ready for this.... Frost on my car this morning! Ok so it really wasn't that bad, I didn't have to chip it off or anything. Still, it adds an extra five minutes to my commute. I have to warm my car up and get wifeys ready to go as well. Now I really enjoy getting her car nice and warmed up for her, its just one of those things I do. It has become much easier for me these past two years.... My car has an automatic starter, which certainly could be one of the greatest inventions of all time. Right up there with the george forman grill, the blackberry, and caffeine. Nothing better than walking to the window at work and starting my car from the inside!!!! If you live in a place where the seasons change and don't have one- then your pimp game is weak, step up.

The other day wifey had a tough day at work and upon arriving home said, ' how come we don't have any beer or wine in the house? I am going to go get some, I will be right back. '. Now we are not big drinkers, but a cold beer or good glass of wine is a great way to end the day. The only thing better could have been if she said... Hey hun I just won a shopping spree at best buy for 2 grand, so why don't you hustle over there and grab some gadgety electronics.

Happy Tuesday, TGIT
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courtney said...

if you could swing by and get my car heated up too that'd be awesome! thanks