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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new man, better today than yesterday

Check out these little beauts that wifey purchased for me yesterday. My first pair of slippers. I am not a slipper kind of guy, wait, I was not a slippers kind of guy. They always seemed, well, rather sissyish. I mean what grown ass man wears slippers? How I was mistaken. I am not the type of person who likes to be barefoot. I always have something on my feet, always. Socks don't do it for me, I need more protection than just socks. I am not sure where I picked up this trait, yet I don't care if I am in the house or not I always have shoes on. Last night at target wifey saw this wonderful creations and bucked up the $9.99 to bring me into a whole new world. I promptly went home, changed into my sweats, and slipped em on. I was moving around the house ninja like, steath as you say. I was sneaking up on the beans, the cats, the mighty apollo. All no match for the quiet that the slippers brought me. Then I snuggled in for the phillies game, and it hit me. My feet were so comfy and cozy that it was astonishing. Toasty warm, yet cool enough. My gosh what have I been missing. I actually contemplated wearing them to work today, I went with the trusty new balance instead. Saturday is slipper day in cube land. If you don't have slippers you aint got nothing. Maybe I need to get some uggs (I think that is what they are called). ok, forget the uggs, maybe some furry tims or something. Plus the tims make me taller!

Phils world champs, nuff said.

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So@24 said...

Makes you taller, eh?


Paula said...

slippers rock!!!

Mike said... wife bought me one pair of slippers...they were so comfortable I wore them out in public as shoes to her chagrin...they disappeared shortly thereafter.