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Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't ever use the spoon, ever. Its useless. Ok, we maybe the one time per year I have tomato soup. Seriously, the fork is perfect for stiring, for stabbing, scooping, holding while cutting, and heck even cutting or more to the point breaking pieces off. A spoon is only good for soup, and heck if soup is that soupy then you should just drink it anyway. Spoon in your coffee to stir, come on man that's weak, use a stirer or a fork. You have a salad fork and a dinner fork, and one little useless spoon. 99.9% (fact) of the time you pick the fork up first and use it most often. Here is to the fork. Hi hip HOORAY hip hip HOORAY.. I am sitting here trying to think of reasons to use a spoon, so that I have ammo to make fun of the silly spoon and I got nothing. Pathetic spoon.
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