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Monday, October 27, 2008


So the phillies are one game away from winning the world series. PSU is ranked number 3! The philly sports world is a buzz. And my sportsfanmanship is pathetic! I just can't find the time to get into it. I also think the sixers started this weekend, and I missed it. What the heck is going on. Up till about 16 months ago, I didn't miss much in the sports world. Haha, now I wake up in the middle of the night and check the scores on my phone, and go back to bed. I just don't think the beans is ready to be a philly sports fan yet. It is a tough city. She has been sleeping pretty rough lately, therefore so am I. If I have to give up some world series, sixers, eagles, psu, etc... Games to spend time with the fam than I will do that with open arms. At this point in my life I would love to go to a championship parade, yet not without the fam, and no way am I bringing a 16 month old down there. I am a bit worried about the city after cole brings home the bacon tonight. Celebrations should not be riots, should not be flipping cars and burning stuff. It just does not make sense. I will just have to watch at home, and run into the strret banging some pots and pans after the game, very quietly as to not wake anyone up. Lets go phils!
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Dr Zibbs said...

Go Phillies! I'm from West Chester, PA.