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Friday, October 3, 2008

Kitties, animals, big bro

I am just going to put it all out there today. Some of you who know me might know this story already, yet here goes....

I have a big brother let's call him, chewie (as in star wars). Chewie is 3 years older than me and I am not sure exactly when he did this to me, yet he convinced me that if I close my eyes and grind my teeth that animals will be able to hear me when I think.... So, basically I could talk to the animals a la dr. Doolittle, all I had to do was close my eyes really tight, grind my teeth, and think about what I want to say to all the animals. Try it. Once in a blue moon the dog will get up and grab that ball that you wanted him to grab. Even a blind squirrel ... Well you know. To this day I catch myself doing this every now and then. It just stinks when you had your wisdom tooth removed.... HAHAhahaha, yep I did it yesterday. I think my brother must have ingrained this into my brain, he must have whispered it in my ear as I slept. I am brain washed.. Thanks big bro, thanks a lot!

And herrrre we go -- yesterday, the mighty and the beans and I went for our evening stroll. No wifey she had to go to school for parents night or something or another. As the fam and I are coming close to home-- I see a lady (who we see a lot, but I don't know her name) who is wheelchair bound who always walks her dog around the same time as we do. We always say hello, but try to keep our distance because her dog goes bonkers when it sees the mighty. Yesterday was no normal day - she was screaming her dogs name (which I didn't get) and I noticed that she had dropped the leash. I had to help! Here I am beans in the stroller, mighty on his leash... I turn and cross the street in her general direction, do I leave beans here (it is our neighborhood and safe), do I tie the mighty to the stroller? As I speed up I notice my shoe untie and become very loose, sweet! Now my jeans are a bit loose as well (I am between belt sizes which always sucks, either too tight or too loose). Here I am up over the nxt curb dragging the mighty, jeans around my butt, one shoe off, attempting to make it to the lady in the scooter chasing her dog. If you have a dog you know that you should go the other way when your dog gets loose as he will chase you....... Right now I think about grinding my teeth and telling the dog to back to his owner.. I have a full blown conversation in my head if this will work or not and if I should actually do it or not... Well, I do and it sucks cause my tooth is killing me... Now, this all happens with me moving about 5 feet, and I start to laugh at myself for actually doing the tooth grind. I am now chasing this lady, family in tow and laughing at myself. Also, having another conversation with myself about how ppl who see me might think I am laughing at the lady chasing the dog in her scooter, not good. As I get serious and stop laughing I look up to see how much faster I have to step it up to catch up - BANG, the dog jumps on her lap!!!! I can't believe my teeth grind worked!!!! I am the dog whisperer! This is nothing short of a miracle. Whew.. All of this happened in less than one minute, and boy am I glad that I didn't have to run any further.... I was due to take a header at any second.... Thanks chewie, you saved me. Good lookin out big bro!
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Mike said...

You thought you could talk to animals as a kid; I thought I could breathe underwater. Mind over matter-wise though I must admit I could stay under water a VERY long time. Only suffered minimal brain damage.