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Friday, October 31, 2008


Say boo to a bee. Say it. Man that is some funny stuff. Well, halloween is here. the past few years my halloweens have dropped off a bit. I really enjoy giving out candy and seeing all the kids dressed up. Yet, in the past 6 or so years I have moved three times. My first house was a little row home in NE philly. I swear on halloween they would bus the kids in to hit all the easy houses (row homes are all connected). These kids would fill a few bags, starting at 6pm and going till about 10pm. Now I always bought tons and tons of candy, I didn't want to be ' that guy'. All my friends came to my house to give out candy and hang with sammy, the mayor of my street (he never went trick or treating). After two years, wifey* and I bought a condo in the burbs. We figured that it would be pretty busy with the condo kids running around. We got about an hour or so of kids, and a bunch of drunk adults. Now, I shopped for candy that year (as if I was still in the NE). I think I spent around $70, so you can imagine what we had left over. Fast forward another two years and now we have a nice little house in a development**. Lots of kids in the neighborhood, so off I went to grab some candy. I very excitedly spent another good chunk of coin! Well, my house is the lastish house on the street (unless you do the loop). And my neighbors across the street don't give out candy***. Hence, the lazy little kids turn around before they get to my house. I have a plan this year! We are set up to light my house up, every light on in the house and some floods outside. Also, the beans will be dressed up, I will be screaming ' this is the best candy on the block, ' and we are setting up at the bottom of the drive way. BANG. This should increase our give-a-ways and visitors. I might have to suspend my candy incentive plan. You know the better to costume the better/more candy the kids get. Happy halloween, be safe. And remember, halloween is for candy! Don't give out change or apples or granola bars - don't be 'that guy.'

* wifey was not wifey yet.
** I hate that word.
*** stupid effers, I still don't talk to them.
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Emma said...

"And remember, halloween is for candy! Don't give out change or apples or granola bars - don't be 'that guy.'" - love it! Have a great Halloween :-)

courtney said...

you need to give out full candy bars. kids talk. they'll be back every year. you gotta go out all!